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  1. It's a great topic for the article section. I'll work with @Croc to get something up in the near future and collectively we can update over time. -John
  2. Nearly 6 weeks after placing my deposit, I have a build slot from Caterham: the week of February 6th. Add in manufacturing and shipping times, it sounds like a late April delivery provided everything goes smoothly. Given they usually don't for me , more likely sometime in May. The plan is to start ordering various parts over the summer and assemble the engine in the second half of December. Much earlier than needed, but I generally take that time off from work and it ensures plenty of buffer in case things don't go as planned (see earlier comment). -John
  3. My guess is there is no power interruption, but it's good to rule out things that are dead simple to check. Assuming power remains steady, I'd be inclined to focus on what's been mentioned by others and add some related things: When checking the CPS for tightness, make sure the gap is within spec Examine the trigger wheel and make sure no teeth were damaged when removing/installing the engine With the engine running, jiggle the connectors on the CPS loom to mirror vibration. It's possible a wire or connector was damaged when removing the engine. It won't hurt to jiggle ot
  4. When the engine cuts out, does power to the rest of the car remain on or flicker? -John
  5. @cemaykan check out this thread on CatKong, which you may have seen at Bruce's shop. -John
  6. Sorry about the cone incident, but glad to hear the car met expectations. Great video! -John
  7. I can share my opinion as someone who has owned Westfields for 20 years and who recently put down a deposit on a new Caterham. I think there are a few things at play. Westfield, for reasons I've never quite understood, has never gained a strong foothold in the US. Elsewhere that's not the case. According to Westfield they've sold 13k cars since '83, which isn't too far behind Caterham. If you visit both the Caterham and Westfield club forums in the UK, you will see the latter has a very substantial and active user base, and like Caterham, has had a race series for many, many years. In th
  8. You mentioned in the Tillett thread that you spoke to someone who worked for your car's former owner. Have you asked him if the car had similar issues back then? I wonder if you are simply having bad luck or if you are chasing old issues. -John
  9. This raises the question if the gauge failed due to age/vibration or if something wonky happened with your fuel pressure to pop the seal? Have you been monitoring that during your diagnostic sessions? -John
  10. JohnCh

    Caterham OBD2

    There is a lot of information not currently on the site that may have been asked elsewhere or proactively answered on a blog. if we started a thread with pointer information for each of those, we would blow up the site. It's better to let people ask the questions when they have them, then those who know the answer, or who have a pointer, can provide it at that time. This ensures we get additional context that may not be addressed in that linked content. Alternatively if someone ran into an issue, figured it out on their own or found the information on their own, when they post to proactive
  11. Welcome @jzleach! Are you planning a new build or a pre-owned Caterham? If the latter, there are a couple of nice cars currently listed in the for sale section and if you haven't seen it, @Croc updates the thread below each weekend with cars listed elsewhere. -John
  12. JohnCh

    Caterham OBD2

    Is there a question or point here or are you simply creating a new thread to point people to existing content? -John
  13. Let's please try to keep this on topic. -John
  14. Please, please start a build thread in Off Topic when the time comes. I'm sure a lot of us would love to follow along. Are you keeping the NB engine stock? -John
  15. And I'd appreciate everyone keeping item 7 from the Guidelines in mind when posting. Disagreements are fine, being an ass is not. And yes, you can quote me on that. 7) Politics: from time to time we'll hit a hot button issue. For the most part we have been able to keep the posts on-topic and issue focused. As long as that continues, we can enjoy a civil discussion. When the name calling starts it lowers the enjoyment of the forum for all of us. Thanks, John
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