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  1. Serious comment: I'll bet it's fun to drive. Not Caterham/Lotus fun, but its own kind of fun. Kudos to the builder. Joking comment: It's from the little-known Lotus Subtract Lightness program.
  2. You gotta put a Lego guy with a helmet in there and get a little broom for the broomstick test. And bigger fender protectors for the rear. Those things are kinda skimpy.
  3. That is so cool. An historic replica of a continuation of a kit car.
  4. Bruce - my car is an S3 with a removable side impact bar. I think you saw my car at Canaan, NH this summer, and I had the bar on it then. It bolts onto the track-day rollbar and through the floorboards. I don't where what company made this bar. Here are some pictures from that day, showing the bar on the car:
  5. Awesome! Sorry I missed it. Any pictures?
  6. Really nice. One question that I am curious about, as I don't know a ton about these engines: What is the advantage of building a Zetec like this vs doing the same with a Duratec?
  7. I also am busy this weekend, so won't be able to join in a Sevens blat. Hope some of you end up doing it, and that the weather cooperates.
  8. The head of these rivets is around .375" (3/8"), so to answer my own question the only logical explanation is that these are 3/16" shaft dia rivets, and the shaft under the head has expanded due to deployment or my drilling to remove them. So I'll see if 3/16" ones will engage these holes.
  9. Thanks @ashyers. Have a link to those that you can share?
  10. Ok, an update (I did this before reading Anker's post above about blind nuts). I drilled out the rivets that the pink arrow is pointing to: Pried the panel and learned that there are frame members in the way, so to get to that snap location to get a washer there I need to drill out the yellow rivets and pry that lower panel away. Will I be able to get to that hole, or will I still have frame in the way? I figure people who have assembled their Cat might know. So...the rivets I drilled out have a 7/32" shaft. WTF? That's not a thing. Advice anyone?
  11. Interesting - thanks Anker. I hadn't seen these before.
  12. I'll try that. I guess: McMaster Is Always The Answer
  13. Thanks, but I think you're referring to the rivet that holds the snap on. I'm looking for the rivets in the first picture.
  14. Can anyone tell me exactly what pop rivet size these are? My prior experience is that when I need to replace rivets on my Caterham, the sizes are difference from what I can get at local hardware stores: I need to replace the snap for the tonneau cover at this location, so of course in true Seven fashion I need to disassemble some of the car to get there (to get a washer on the other side of the snap pop-rivet):
  15. No helmets! 0:55 Don't lean on the windscreen!
  16. One more article: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/caterham/seven/first-drives/caterham-seven-170-r-2021-uk-review So it was developed specifically for the Japanese market. Only car I know of that does 0-60 in under 7 seconds and can get 58mpg. Oh but I guess that's Imperial gallons, so around 48mpg US. Still pretty amazing.
  17. Back to this thread. During the Sevens track days Sep 19-20 my car did great, but did still tend to run hot. I just re-drilled out the two thermostat holes I had previously created, now to 1/8" diameter. The coolant did seem to bubble through those holes well when I added coolant. So we'll see if that helps. In the meantime, I'd like to get a new thermostat housing cap, but am having trouble finding the right one. Note in the picture in my 7/8/21 post above how close it is to the cam cover, so the cap needs to have a smooth OD, without protrusions. Can anyone point me to the correct part? Here's the best I've been able to find online: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B000C5BWX2/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1 I'm not positive it'll fit, but for $12 it's worth a try. Reviews say it is a 16lb cap. I assume that would be ok to use. Any thoughts on that?
  18. And a story: Heading home Monday night, on 84 North in CT, we hear "fwap fwap fwap...". Oh crap. Pulled off at the next exit and pulled over. Flat trailer tire. No spare. 10:00pm, an hour from home. Ran through the full set of swears, then went into problem-solving mode. Got the Seven off the trailer, the wheel and tire off the trailer, and the trailer off the RAV4. Propped the trailer axle on wood blocks and one of my ramps. Called the police to let them know I was leaving my trailer by the side of the road. Suited up in t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, hoodie, down jacket (you guys know the drill). Laura and her mostly healed right foot drove the RAV4 home. I drove the Seven on northeastern CT backroads into MA and home (I hate driving it on the highway). Wonderful, fantastic ride on little curvy backroads, with the full moon out and almost no other cars on the road. Got home around 1:00am, tucked the car in the garage, had some bourbon and went to bed. Next day (yesterday at this writing) a local shop got and mounted a new trailer tire. Couldn't find a hole in the old tire, but it sure had severe aneurysms all around its side wall. Mystery why it suddenly went flat. I drove back to collect the trailer. No pics from Monday night (wasn't in a mood to take pictures), but here are some from yesterday when I picked up the trailer. I just noticed from the picture that the trailer wheels kinda match the RAV4 wheels.
  19. I'm doing a series called "Vlad Working On His Car"
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