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  1. Are those 13" or 15"? Only R888Rs I see in 13" and widths for the front are 60 series, and are 185 or 205.
  2. I have 13" Avon ZZR tires on my Caterham - 215-55-13 rear, and 185-55-13 front. All are A24 compound. I need new front tires before I can drive at all this season. Primary uses are track days and autocross. I am awaiting word from Roger Kraus Racing about two 185s that they are supposed to receive any day. However it's already 2 weeks beyond when they said they would be getting them, and when I search the web it looks like they are out of stock everywhere in the UK. So my questions are: 1. Does anyone know anything about availability of these? 2. Recommendations on othe
  3. Yes re putting regular windscreen on for MA inspection. However I did pass inspection 2 years ago with the Brooklands on. All depends on the particular garage you go to. One garage told me "I think it's a motorcycle" and wouldn't inspect it. Really. Anker I use these over my regular glasses. Fit great: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B071RSM598/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. In! Just bought a new trailer with which I can tow the Seven with our Rav 4. Looking forward to it.
  5. Looks great Anker. Wear eye protection!
  6. Can anyone recommend a place anywhere in Massachusetts to buy a new helmet and HANS device?
  7. Also uncertain but intrigued. My daughter lives in Charleston, which is 2.5 hours from there.
  8. @Vovchandr Wow 2644 lb for a 1990 Chevy S-10. Can you imagine any 2021 truck weighing that?
  9. I've always owned VWs. My 1971 Super Beetle was a rust bucket when I bought it, but other than that, I never had any rust. Ever. Any. Fox, Passat wagon, Passat sedan, Jetta Sportwagon, GTI. Kept our 1992 Passat wagon for 12 years - it lived outside for its whole life, never waxed it, hardly ever washed it, and it looked like new inside and out when we sold it.
  10. 2017 VW GTI Sport. All stock except for wheels and tires. Fun to drive, quick, handles well, roomy (by my standards), versatile, economical, reliable, ergonomic, nice interior, TARTAN CLOTH SEATS, well put together, and to my eye nice looking. Best car I've ever had. Did I mention that it has TARTAN CLOTH SEATS?
  11. Sounds perfect - thanks Anker!
  12. A-ha! Thanks Vlad. I get it now.
  13. Thanks. Does anyone have a picture of the hex-shaped adapter? Can I see it in the wide-track picture above?
  14. Thanks ashyers, Anyone else? Can I confirm by measuring the length of the upper or lower wishbone? If so, would anyone have those dimensions?
  15. I am preparing to buy new shocks and springs, and need to determine whether my front end is wide or narrow track. Simon at Meteor Motorsport sent me these pictures to identify which I have: Here are pictures of my front end: My measurements are right in between those for the narrow and wide that Simon sent. Simon thinks I have a narrow front end. Is there a more definitive way to determine which I have?
  16. I am in Franklin, MA, just down 495 from Stow and Marlborough. Would love to meet up for a drive with others when the weather and COVID allow.
  17. Anker - sorry, I misread the thread. This is all very helpful for me. My BDA hesitates around 3500 RPM. Didn't know about buying several size jets from Pegasus. Hope I can tune that out in the spring.
  18. I am curious also - where are you located Djplaster?
  19. Anker - I thought you had them tuned last year and all was good now?
  20. You have inspired me to add my boat to my signature.
  21. Are you the red Westy with the Miata drivetrain I've met at Lars Anderson at a Cars and Coffee?
  22. Nope - my crush car is long gone. Sorry. What year is it registered as in another state? And what is the engine? (Not sure if you want to answer these in public - fine if not). Oh - and where in MA are you located?
  23. Just as another data point: I am a hair under 6', but skinny, so I fit fine in my S3 . I do sit in it and wonder how someone with more meat on their bones than me fits. My feet are size 9.5. I can drive with driving shoes, or will drive around town in boat shoes. Running shoes or boots are definitely a no-go.
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