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  1. I found this as I was cleaning up my storage unit, a new spare S3 Caterham wide track steering rack. I sold my S3 a few weeks ago so no longer needed. It is approximately 101cm (~39.75") end to end. Standard ratio when I tested, about 1.9 turns lock to lock. Located in Orange county, asking $400 plus shipping.
  2. Thanks for all the interests, and it is now SOLD @sltous
  3. Just to confirm, I got under the car and verified that it has a ZF LSD 3.62 rear end
  4. Located in Southern California, with current registration until 2022
  5. With a toddler and a newborn on the way, it is with a heavy heart that I must sell my beloved 7. It started life with a Zetec SVT engine then I swapped it out in 2016 with a full on CSR260 Cosworth motor including the bespoke CSR dry sump system. It is quite a unique combo as there are not many S3 with this setup. This car is very light with an incredible power to weight ratio, it tipped the scales at 1180 pounds wet. It was built to be a quick and reliable car for canyon carving and track. It addresses both fuel and oil starvation with the fuel swirl pot and dry sump system to be as reliable
  6. Thanks for the info. I did search but found there are 2 types of gears available and wanted to clarify exactly what this had. Also, what is the length of the input shaft on this as there is a short and long version? Did the 6 speed that was swapped onto the csr had a spacer on the bellhousing? If you could please measure the total length of input shaft, where the spline starts, and total length of spline then i would definitely know if it fits. TIA
  7. Will this bolt onto s3 currently running the 6 speed without any modifications? Also, is this the helical or straight cut gears?
  8. When i pulled the yoke from my 6 speed, i had to move the rear diff back a few inches in addition to moving the engine forward a few inches while tilted to clear everything. The yoke is about 5-6" long iirc. Remember to drain the transmission as you'll get some fluid coming out. Other than that, pretty straight forward coming off.
  9. I have a pair of very good working condition Caterham black 7" headlights for sale. Comes with everything in the picture including bulbs. SOLD!
  10. I have a set of very good condition AVON CR500 175/55/13 for the fronts. These tires came off of my spare set of wheels. No cracks or punctures, with about 6/32" tread depth remaining so lots of life left. How about $80 for the set picked up in SoCal. I can ship to you at your cost, just give me your zip code and I'll check. Thanks for looking, cheers.
  11. I used the same left and right brackets as you listed from Caterham parts on my 2005 S3 imperial chassis. It mounts directly on top of the front upper mount like TurboWood mentioned and is about half way inside /outside the nosecone. I remember drilling a very small hole in the front upper mount for the wires to pass thru and into the new brackets. Dropped the headlights a very cool 5-6".
  12. Yes, you can take out the speedo drive gear and get the bung from caterham to plug it up like i did. To take out the speedo drive gear is a bit of a pain though, first you remove the retaining clip, then you remove the larger sized bung on the opposite side of the tranny and finally popping it out the gear. Clearance might be an issue but I had my tranny out during the rebuild so it was easy. I also siliconed the new bung when i tapped it in and not a drop of oil since. Good luck!
  13. I thought the Raceline would work on individual coils as I've in it on Chris's car here http://californiacaterhamclub.com/chat/attachment.php?attachmentid=1183&d=1362719374 I would get the raceline as it looks much better and costs about the same with the current exchange rates
  14. Kevin, I took the original cap, shaved down the top part then epoxied a thin round aluminum plate with an allen head button. I use the allen head to easily twist open and close the filler cap. You can probably even use a counter sunk allen head too. It gave me that extra 0.5" to clear the bonnet. http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c87/vstryker/20160721_15061301_zpsy6cyhz3q.jpg
  15. I saw that car when it was still for sale and took a closer look at all the plumbing. It was pretty cool, the air intake is on the left side where it is compressed by the Rotrex supercharger under the intake manifold. The charged air makes a 90 degree turn and enters smaller intercooler on top in the picture. Coming out of the A2A intercooler on the opposite left side, it then finally enters through the bottom of intake manifold. I don't remember and don't think the radiator and intercooler were angled. The radiator was actually in front of the intercooler. I believe the radiator/oil cool
  16. I would say that the bonnet did lose some of its rigidity after cutting the hole in it... but my guess would be maybe 15-20% less rigid. Because of this, it made it a little easier to mount the bonnet since now it has to bend slightly over the large foam filter before it goes on.
  17. Auxiliaries included: Primaries, 4-1 collector, ECU... http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c87/vstryker/Cosworth%20Duratec%20Rebuild/20160713_19085101_zpsszrmpdem.jpg Radiator and spal fan http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c87/vstryker/Cosworth%20Duratec%20Rebuild/20160713_19064001_zpsyzhjlwmy.jpg Stage 2 clutch/pressure plate, light weight flywheel, bell housing for T9 tranny http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c87/vstryker/Cosworth%20Duratec%20Rebuild/20160713_18275701_zpspmbho4zy.jpg Oil pan showing recent TIG welded repair: http://i25.photobucket.com/albums/c87/vstryke
  18. Up for sale is my Zetec SVT 2.0L engine that I recently swapped out from my S3 Caterham. The engine itself has 17k miles on it while the upgraded clutch and flywheel has about 5k miles. I have everything for a complete bolt up swap and would be a nice bump in power for those looking to upgrade from their Xflow or those looking for a spare backup Zetec. Specs on the SVT engine can be found on google but basically it produces 170hp with a nice flowing head designed by Cosworth. The complete running engine as well as the following parts will be included: Coated primaries and 4-1 collector
  19. I used a dremel with an aluminum oxide cutting wheel. It cuts the bonnet like a hot knife through butter. I would not use an electic reciprocating saw as it can get caught while cutting and can mess up the hood. The dremel with the cutting wheel does not get caught and can easily be maneuvered to the contours, just go nice and slow. Another tip is to cut to a depth of about 1/8-1/4" or just enough to go through. Finish off the edges with a file, touch up paint on the edges, and cover with rubber edging
  20. I hate going to the dentist so yes, always a full face helmet when on the freeway or backroads but sometimes just goggles for the short trips to costco.
  21. Very nice! I have the same setup on my CSR260 engine swap. If you refer to my build thread, you can see how it was set up with a 6mm round rod for initial throttle opening balance and how I cut my hood as well. You'll also need to reset your tps sensor too after doing that. I taped the bonnet with masking tape, started small on the opening with a dremel and 3" cutoff wheel and worked my way until it was a perfect opening. Didn't take that long actually, maybe 1-2 hours. I would suggest getting an unlocked MBE 9A4 from SBD or Bruce Beachman which will come with a basic map according to you
  22. Here's are some recent pics of the car cruising along 60+ miles of the twisty Angeles crest, engine is now fully broken in. I cut out the vent in the nose cone and it has definitely helped with the coolant temps... went from 90C to 75-80C. I think the vent was originally designed with the intention of lowering front end lift while ducting helps with radiator efficiency but I like how it also keeps my engine bay cooler. Oh and the new lowered headlight brackets looks more aggressive.
  23. Congrats Bruce, I only wished you were down in SoCal or that I still lived in the PNW. Bruce has been nothing but outstanding, he helped me immensely with my CSR260 engine rebuild and swap. He went as far as stopping by my place while on a short trip in Los Angeles just to check up on my car so that he can build me the correct crossover harness. Not to mention sorting out a few potential roadblocks and many questions I had, he has a wealth of knowledge and is such an easy going honest guy. I would not hesitate to place an order with Bruce.
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