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  1. Welcome to the fold, James. I'm in Sudbury and on Saturday bumped into a Bedford-based Seven owner at a small meeting in town. Mine is the blue and ali car. Aidan
  2. I would love to put Brooklands on my 1982 Caterham (I had some on it 20 years ago), and wondered whether I could get it stickered twice - one with the full windscreen, the other with the Brooklands. By the way, Anker, I'm in Sudbury...
  3. If the Brooklands setup is still available, I will take it. Thanks
  4. I would try Redline Components in Caterham, UK. http://www.redlinecomponents.co.uk Ask for Mick.
  5. I think I posted elsewhere on the site, but I did successfully register my Caterham last October after three trips to the RMV - in the end it wasn't too difficult with correct import and registration papers, but they were a bit anxious about it being grey market (the less experienced RMV staff had to reach out to superiors and otherwise get assistance), and I needed to have the local cops verify the VIN. It is fantastic to have the car over here though! Aidan
  6. I think a revvy normally-aspirated motor probably suits them better. Maybe modern turbos would work better than the all-or-nothing affairs that were available years ago.
  7. Back in mid-1990s my Seven was being serviced at a shop in Oxford, UK, and they were turbocharging a new Caterham JPE - 250hp was not enough! I heard a few years later that the car had been de-turboed. Personally, I don't think turbos would suit Sevens very well, but I've never driven one. Aidan
  8. The nose attaches with four Dzus fasteners, two near the headlamps and two on the lower rear edge of the nose. The two parts are riveted to the body and the nose I believe. Aidan
  9. I have just imported my 1982 Caterham from the UK. It took three trips to the RMV, but it wasn't that difficult really, just frustrating. First time, I was told I needed the VIN to be verified by the local police; second time the RMV clerk had to check with a gray import expert as I didn't have the original bill of sale from when I bought the car in 1994 - she was slow getting back to me so I went to a different RMV and got the plates without too much hassle. I received the title in the mail on Friday. Aidan
  10. Caterhams do seem to have that effect on women.
  11. I got the Seven registered last Thursday at a different RMV. Had a quick blat today after knocking the starter motor to get it engaged. The Wipac headlamps went in easily enough - I only needed to crimp on appropriate spade connectors for the sidelights. One last electrical glitch to sort before having the car inspected - the circuit with the front sidelight/rear lamp/instrument panel lights is not working. Power is not getting to the fuse box. Aidan
  12. After two lengthy visits to the RMV, I've still not managed to get the car registered. The first time I was informed that a police officer needed to verify the VIN, which I got done; the second time there was a problem with the UK registration and the fact that I no longer seem to have a receipt from the garage I bought the car from - 17 years ago. I might try a different RMV office next time. Aidan
  13. Yes, they do have the aux sockets. I specifically checked that with Mick at Redline as I didn't want to mess around with the new wiring. Redline's no. is +44 1883 346515. Aidan
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