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    The nickname "crazy mike" came from Rugby teammates because I never drink alcohol.
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    Bend Oregon
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    Building a '60 Lotus 7 from scratch
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    fruits and vegetables

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  1. Hi Mike, haven't heard from you in awhile. a new guy to oregon has his caterham standard interior for sale and maybe it would fit yours with minor mods and save some money, he is on this forum as Idreamofchapman.



  2. The MG's bushings at the frame can not handle the torsional forces of the Lotus 7's anti-sway bar/upper arm design. You'll need to build a true "a-arm" with a seperate anti-swayback like the Caterhams and clones.
  3. Are you sure somebody didn't throw an avacado at you?!?
  4. I'm interested in your aeroscreens if they're still available. Please give me a hollar.
  5. lol !!! Thanks for sharing that!
  6. Its hairy on the outside and wet on the inside, starts with a C and ends with a T.... a coconut!
  7. I love to see innovation! You're WAY more advanced than my shop! (condo sized garage) In the rare chance I need quantities of something cut, I email a DXF drawing to the laser cutting shop. One-offs, prototypes and my Lotus parts are all made with a hole- saw, band-saw and hand-files. My plasma cutter sits on a shelf.
  8. Santa didn't bring any of the things I didn't want! No big tires and mags, Santa delivered stock wheels with hubcaps! No overpowered V-6 or 8, Santa delivered the original F4-134 Hurricane motor, rebuilt! No modified suspension, Santa delivered the original ride height! No bucket seats with harnesses, Santa delivered originals reupholstered with lap belts! No roll bars or cages, Santa delivered just a windshield for the open air experience! No aftermarket lights and accessories to clutter a stock 1960 Willys CJ-5! Thanks Santa!
  9. As for the "Harley based" power plant, I don't know why anyone would choose such a piss-poor engine for anything more than a boat anchor. There are all kinds of inherent design flaws with a 45º v-twin mainly the vibration. That was fine for torque a hundred years ago but when compared to current 60º or even better 90º twins i.e. Ducati, all incarnations of 45º twins are best left below the water's surface.
  10. I seem to remember the Morgans were outlawed from racing because they actually have an advantage over some traditionally four wheeled cars.
  11. Man! There's something about the exhaust note of a British motor! Much like an old Lotus 7, that old Comando may not be the best handling, fastest nor the most forgiving machine on the road, but it's the best!
  12. Being that I was adopted, I'll have to imagine I have an English heritage and my dad had a 7! Thanks for sharing this vid Z3!
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