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2020 Katie's Cars & Coffee Thread - Great Falls, VA

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The first Katie's C & C of the year, and it was foggy, but mild - over 50F at 5:00AM! As often happens here, the crowd was sparse, until people woke up and realized it wasn't raining, and wasn't cold. By 7:30AM, there was a decent crowd, though nothing really exotic.


The guy that owned the Challenger had a strategy to avoid door dings you hadn't thought of! Yes, they were on both sides!


--Bob Collum






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"The guy that owned the Challenger had a strategy to avoid door dings you hadn't thought of! Yes, they were on both sides!"


But that is not where the door on a Seven would hit ! ?



Those are for conscientious drivers who strategically place their door dings.:jester:

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I saw this Renault 4CV at Cars & Coffee yesterday. That chrome detail on the back is a fancy surround for the fuel filler. REALLY? While it certainly looks nice, and dresses up the otherwise plain-Jane rear, why would you think it's a good idea to position it above the hot engine?


It reminded me of the VW bug we saw in Cancun a couple of years ago... 5 happy guys in the car with a gravity-feed, jerry-rigged gas canister on the back engine lid. They smiled and waved as we took pictures of them driving off. I was just hoping we weren't going to hear an explosion, followed by the flaming gasoline trail coming back towards us.


--Bob Collum



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A common question I get is, 'when does the season for Katie's Cars & Coffee begin and end?' The answer is, there is no season - people will show up driving 'something', as long as they can get there!


Today was a good example. The weather forecast has snow starting between 6AM and 7AM. I went at my normal time, and had breakfast before anyone else (besides Katie's staff) showed up. By the time I left, there were a few other cars in the lot. During the winter, Katie's becomes more of a social event than a car event.


Though it was not a Seven kind of day today, since I have recently retired, I am making progress on small items on the car... I bought replacement front turn signals (my Seven had headlights and front signals sourced from motorcycles). I cleaned and re-applied waterproofing on the half-hood. Next, need to see if I can get the front fenders repaired or replaced. My problem with this is, I have 14" wheels. When I look for cycle fenders, most are listed as 13". Do I need to find, specifically, 14" fenders?


--Bob Collum







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It warmed up for the weekend, but we had fairly heavy rain this morning. That meant a small crowd at Katie's.

Chuck showed off the new 'bling' on his Macan - the blanking plug for his tow hitch. Of course, it has the Porsche crest.

I'm guessing the official option name is 'PTHC' - (Porsche Tow Hitch Cover)


--Bob Collum


P.S.: I had a 5+ mile detour on the way home from Katie's, because of a flood on Hunter Mill Road, near the bike trail crossing.



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Clear skies and dry streets mean a good turnout at Katie's - even in cold weather! Here's a few examples of the variety there today.

(Note that the Charger is NOT stock. It's been completely rebodied as a wide-body, the tail is extended, and the door handles have been relocated, and made flush with the body.)


--Bob Collum






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Because it was so cold this morning (18F), attendance at Katie's was later, and smaller. As often happens in cold weather, the cars were mostly German. (There were three Porsche 911 GT3s there today.)


--Bob Collum






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A pretty good turnout for a cold Saturday morning. There's always a good variety of vehicles at Katie's.



--Bob Collum


P.S.: If anyone is interested, there's a charity cars & coffee at Two Silos Brewery, on Sunday, 03/08/20. There will be a $20 entry fee. Benefits St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Two Silos is at 9925 Discovery Blvd. Manassas, VA. The even runs from Noon to 3:00PM.






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A special day at Katie's. In recognition of public concerns about COVID-19 contagion, Mike, the owner of Katie's, removed some tables to create more space inside. He also brought in a couple of extra people to serve food & coffee outside, which was greatly appreciated! Were there any good cars there, for those who came out? You be the judge!


NoVA Lotus member 'FoxedUpOne' came all the way up from Barboursville, with his new Evora GT. My friend, Pete, just bought a Sebring Sprite. Somebody brought a Suzuki Cappucino, a Japanese Kei car.


Have you ever seen a McLaren Senna?


--Bob Collum






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Medical advice from a professional: (not me)



A friend, who is both a Lotus owner and an ER doctor, helped me make sense of the seriousness of limiting personal contact: If we continue to travel and socialize at our normal rate, the number of COVID-19 cases will skyrocket. If that happens, the healthcare system will not be able to keep up. If, under the load of massive increases in patient loads, nurses and doctors get sick, this can very easily spin out of control. While contracting COVID-19 may not kill you, it might spread to your friends and relatives, through you. If they are 60 or older, or have existing health problems, it could kill them!



If people can just avoid close contact outside the home, it helps a lot. Local weather is such that it's pretty nice to be outside, which also works, keeping a sensible distance from others -- (social distancing). If we can extend the spread of the virus out to, say, a few months, the load on the healthcare system will be less, the supply of the masks and testing items can catch up, and everyone will benefit. No need for panic, but lots of reasons to help lessen the load on the system.



Hope this helps - the explanation was a help to me, in ways that what I see on news and social media has not been.

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