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Corner Balancing Where?

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Just invested in a set of Nitron's and the general consensus over on L7 site is once installed get the car corner balanced.

Trouble is I cant find any place in Fl that does this.

Any ideas?


I would give Palm Beach Intl Raceway a call and ask if they know of any good race shops nearby that are experienced in open wheelers for a corner weighting.


Remember to throw a weight equal to you into the drivers seat before you begin.

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Or you could try flat flooring, but you will need to level surface, i.e. you will have to shim the garage floor because the typical floor has to much slope. I was within 18 lbs. on the worst corner Vs actually corner Wt. To be honest I could not tell the difference, that the 18lbs. made in handling. Which ever method you use, you still need to level the floor. Mark the four spots on the floor and the shims needed at each location. That will save a lot of time for the next set-up. Dave W

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Look for a race shop in your area....they should have a set of scales.


Before you spend the time and money to put the car on scales you should have the ride height and alignment done, have the tire pressures accurately set, and you should be mindful of the fuel load you want to consider.


Once you get to the scales you should disconnect your sway bar(s) and be ready to put yourself in the driver's seat or have ballast ready to mimic your weight. Once you get the corner weighting done you'll want to adjust the sway bar end links so that the swaybar is unloaded and in a neutral position. With your weight in the car adjust the end links so that the bolts will just slip through. This will assure that the swaybar isn't influencing the corner weighting at all. Once the bar end links are adjusted you can double check by rolling it back on the scales to be sure they aren't messing with things.


How accurate do you need to be? Some will say that being off by 20 lbs is nothing and others will say that is WAY too far off. Once you get a feel for how it's done it's not hard to get it down to 1 or 2 lbs. I own a set of scales and as funny as it sounds can set the car up so that I have a perfect 50% cross weight with my hands on the steering wheel but if I put them in my lap it's off just a bit. Does that matter? Probably not. But if you can do it why not?


One thing's for sure - doing a corner weighting will make the car better at the limit. Will it make a difference driving around your neighborhood? No it won't. Will it make a difference while on track, solo course or during an emergency maneuver? Absolutely yes.



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