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Caterham registration AZ

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I want to share my experience on Caterham registration in AZ here, so maybe future buyers can have smoother process. 


I bought my 2017 420s from washington state. And there, the car is registered as 2017 kitv Caterham. So I was wondering what the registration process will be like in AZ and since I live in phoenix metro area, if the car is registered as 2017, it is possible that I need go thru emission test, etc. And... For emission test, they need obd2 which 7s don't have... So my goal is to register the car as a replica of 1957 lotus 7 so that I can bypass all the regulations.


To get that, I directly schedule a level 2 inspection since I guessed if I just simply transfer the title, the will carry on the info on title. Went to tempe inspection station first, although I am late, I felt they just done want to deal with it. Then I scheduled another level 2 inspection at scottsdale, where they are much more familiar and friendly with kit cars. Basically, I just let them know my intention to change the car info and provided info like title, statement of origin, etc. They gave me a new tag with AZ vin and an inspection sheet iding my car as special constructed resemble of 1957 lotus 7. Then i just went to normal mvd windows to get the car registered as 1957 lotus 7 even with a historical plate! No more emission test etc!


The scottsdale station staffs are just very helpful and nice. And since there are so few of 7s in AZ, almost all of them in the station came out to have a look at the car!😄


Lastly, I hate to say this but Hillbank AZ gave me very poor impression now. They are the only dealer for Caterham in AZ so I called them before purchase the car. They were more trying to sell their cars than helping out on registration. I guess it is understandable but I guess that might be one of the reason there are so few 7s in AZ. 


I found very little info on this when I tried to look for these info so I figured it may help some one like me later on! 


Now, time to enjoy my seven!

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Thanks for sharing.


Reminds me of my experience in NY.


While I do have an OBD2 port (Zetec) its useless for 2 factors. 1) I don't have the stock ECU. 2) Even if I did, I wouldn't pass OBD2 either way.


I'm registered as a 2001 and have to pass safety, pending an extra inspection to get an exemption. 

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Congratulations for getting your Caterham on the road.  Thank you for sharing your experience.  Happy Motoring!


6 hours ago, wxywb021254 said:

Hillbank AZ gave me very poor impression now. They are the only dealer for Caterham in AZ


Not surprising.  You are not the first to observe this.  However, there are good Caterham dealers in the US and, fortunately for us, some of them are participants on this forum.  




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Congratulations.  Now you re golden.  My car is titled as 1965 and it makes everything so easy.  This is another example of the variety of attitudes at different official offices.  A beurocrat's attitude can have a very real affect on the individual.  Never give up after a bad experience, just try another office or clerk.  Sometimes the letter of the regulation does not matter as much as how the spouse treated them before they went to work that morning.

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