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New USA7s Instagram and Facebook accounts

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Some of you may have stumbled across the new USA7s Instagram and Facebook accounts (user name: usa7sclub) @Croc and I have been playing with the past few weeks. Our goal is to use both platforms to increase awareness of USA7s and drive participation in the forum. 


The use of social media is not intended to bifurcate the community or knowledge base by creating a second USA7s location to ask questions or share information.  In support of this, the Facebook account is public -- anyone can read or post a comment -- but only admins can create a new post, and clicking on the content will bring you directly to the relevant page of the forum. The Instagram account is intended to showcase photos taken by the USA7s community, not se7en-related photos borrowed from another site.  We've seeded it with photos previously posted in forum threads or Member Galleries, and with some Croc and I have taken over the years. We'll continue with this approach and will also create a path for everyone to submit a photo they've taken for future Instagram posting.  


If you have a Facebook or Instagram account, I encourage you to Friend or Follow these accounts and help increase our reach.  The more we can encourage people to join our community, we all win; more people to chime in when we need experienced advice or to share activities and ideas for what we can do to/with our cars.  The user name for both sites is USA7sClub.  Direct links are:  







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Sounds like a good idea for extending reach and awareness. It's also encouraging that the approach and guidelines for the use of those two additional outlets still retains a center of mass here on the forum. IMO - that part is important.





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