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Any English contacts can make a custom local order?..


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Fans of The Grand Tour/old Top Gear might appreciate the email I received late last week updating me on availability outside the UK.  BTW @Vovchandr someone who works for me in the UK is a gin aficionado and has a bottle on order.  I'll share her impressions once I have them.




Dear foreigner,


Thank you so much for showing an interest in my Asian Parsnip gin. I know that you have a choice (although other gins are not as good) so your potential custom is important to me.


Currently, I only ship Asian Parsnip to the UK. This is not borne of jingoism or ignorance of the world; I appreciate that some people live in The Abroad, and nothing would please me more than to think of you mixing my gin with tonic and a slice of parsnip and then reclining on an American porch, in an Indian garden, or among the grounds of a European nudist resort. Places like that.  


However, shipping to what the carriers refer to, rather glibly, as ‘rest of world’ is complicated, and the global law and taxation machines have done their very best to deny you the simple pleasure of a tall one at sundown. It is the work of ‘The Man’, as the Americans would say. We are united as nations in recognising him as the mutual enemy.


But I’m working on it, and hope soon to be able to bring you Asian Parsnip, wherever you are, at a fairly reasonable price. I hope your interest does not waver. In any case, we have your email address now, so there’s no escape.


You should look forward to hearing from me again very soon.


James May



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