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7 years with no 7 was 7 too many.


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After 7 years of regretting selling my Locost, I could not resist the temptation to once again terrorize the neightborhood. New-to-me hardly driven at all 3800SC Brunton Stalker. I cannot think of a better way to burn dead dinosaurs! 


So glad to rejoin the community, and thanks John for resurrecting my old account!






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12 hours ago, Pokey said:

Looks super clean.  More pics please!

Of course! These were taken just after I bought the car in the spring. Will be making more pics soon I'm sure.





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1 hour ago, Croc said:

Welcome back to the se7ening world!  Neighbors may not be as happy though! :classic_biggrin:


Was about to post a question in the tech section ' 3" exhaust inserts that actually work? ' lol

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