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1984 Fejer Super Seven


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I have a 1984 Fejer Super Seven with a 2 Liter Toyota 2TG imported from Japan.  Blog below has update on Lexan doors, QA1 coilovers, foot well vents, dash rebuild and some original Fejer documentation.  




If anyone has additional info/documents/manuals on Fejer Cars please send a link.  I also trying to track down how many Fejer Super Sevens were made.



Bob from Victoria, BC

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Hi Bob


Welcome to USA7s.  Good to hear about for your passion for Fejer 7s and interesting to read your blog on your personal journey with the car. 


USA7s does have a library of various se7en documentation here



...but nothing in there is on Fejers.  I can create a section for them if you want me to store a back up library of documentation for you? 


They don't come up for sale much in Canada and I have never see one in the USA.  One popped up for sale last week remarkably





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Nice tech on your site Bob. Thanks for sharing.


This car was called the 'Canadian Super 7'
I designed and built the first batch 5 cars with the Fejer Brothers in Oakville, Ontario Canada.
I was racing a 'real' 1963 Lotus 7 America at the time in FP CASC and had found a spare Lotus series III chassis that we copied to build the new Canadian Super 7.

We used the Toyota Corola 1600cc twincam engine and the cars front 'modified' suspension , with rear axle as the doner. The Toyota title was retained to get around the Canadian regs.

I was only involved in 2 running cars including the prototype that went to Vancouver.
My company was called Canadian Sportscars Ltd. Got screwed by the Fejers and the rest as they say is history... :evil:

'Pete' Schömer

I'm now building a new vintage race car called the Kieft-Climax
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Hi Pete


I'm looking for any old documentation on the Canadian 7, Canadian Sports Car 7 and the Fejer 7.  How many were made etc.  


Thanks for the info


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8 hours ago, Bob.Dobos said:

Hi Mike


A document section for Fejer would be awesome.





Hi Bob - Document folder now created.  Private Mail sent to your USA7s inbox to give you options on how best to get the material to me to upload.  Cheers mike

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