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For Sale 2004 Ultralite S2K

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I’ve decided to sell my Ultralite to make room for a race car. It has many upgrades (see below) and additional parts available which are included in the asking price of $22,000 obo. The car is Honda S2000 Suzuka blue and has a few paint chips in the left front fender and some road rash on the rear fenders.


2004 Ultralite S2K ~9100 miles, built by Brian with the 2.0 F20C1 motor.


In addition to the original WCM specifications, this car has the

following upgrades:

- Mugen baffled oil pan and sump guard (original sump will be also included)

- Japanese spec ECU plus Apexi VAFC II. VTEC set at 5700 rpm.

Car tuned by Fastlane Houston.

- Custom fabricated airbox by Lawell Morosports with ram air intake adjacent to radiator (i.e. radiator and hoses moved from original


- Bored throttle body from King Motorsports with coolant bypass

Hondata intake spacer.

- Dynatech high velocity merge collector (tuned for torque as well as top end HP)

- Dynatech race cat

- Dynatech Quick Tune muffler (plates included)

- 3.60 rear end with a 4.11 spare rear end included in the price

- Wilwood front (3/4) and rear (1") master brake cylinders for

improve brake balance.

- Up rated 500 lb springs front, 300 lb rear

- Shocks: CA1s front, adjustable AVOs rear

- Street wheels: SSR competitions 17 x 7.5 front, 17 x 8.5 rear with Toyo R888 205/50 ZR 17 front, 255/40 ZR17

-Track Wheels: Diamond racing 15x10 steel rims with Hoosier R25B racing slicks

- Full wet weather top / doors and a custom made "bikini" top

- Sparco Steering wheel

- Shift-I sequential shift light

- Momo gear shift knob

- Carpeted interior

- Ultrashield 5 point harnesses

- Fire extinguisher

- Air / Fuel ratio meter



I am happy to provide additional pictures of the car for those that are interested. Thanks for looking – jeffwduncan@gmail.com 703-945-0509


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Jeff, any details on that windshield? Did you make it or have it made? I am interested in doing something like that, not really a big fan of the batmobile single windscreen pods.



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Great looking car, and lots of extras, including a top. I believe someone will get a great deal when they buy this car.


I have the same mucho expensive wheels on my Ultralite, but I am running larger diameter Falken RT615K tires. The Diamond Racing wheels and slicks apparently don't hit the fenders or stays like I thought they would.


Good luck on the sale.

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Thanks everyone.


Josh- The car came with that windshield when I purchased it. I think the windshield was standard at the time because the tops snap into the top of the frame. I can take some dimensions for you if that helps.


Jerry- The diamond wheels are close but they don't rub anywhere.

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Just think, someone could go to NJ, pick up the trailer that's for sale on this site, then drive over and pick up this well sorted car... all for under 23 grand. Sounds like a heck of a deal!

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You just can't come close to beating this deal on an Ultralite, or on just about any other "modern" 7 make for that matter. Even with the economy picking up over the last few years the prices on good used and sorted out 7's seemed to have been slipping lower. It might be just more of them on the market but right now you can't build one for twice what most good ones are selling for.

If I were in the market for a 7 and on the "wrong" coast I'd really look seriously at the trailer and car buy Mondo mentioned and have it shipped out here. Probably still be well under the cost of anything as nice here.

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What does it weigh? Is it still for sale? I used to own an S2000, I loved that car until it was totaled... (a 200lbs wild pig ran out in front of it on my way home from work at midnight)


Is it possible to get a car loan on one of these? What about insurance?

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Depends on your relationship with your bank. My banker would loan it to me. But we have a solid 15 year history. I don't think you are going walk in to Bank Of America and get one with a loan officer you have no history with.


Bummer, I love that car! :driving:


My first Lotus experience was in a brunton stalker w/ the LS1. It was most excellent! :hurray:

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