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  1. I've seen this before, but today I was able to get the photo.
  2. RHD & crossflow, I can relate. Rich carbs, that too, I roll mine outside to start. It marks the wall with soot if I start it inside.
  3. Looks like a rivet of some sort.
  4. In the past 9 years I have averaged 638 miles/year. Most of the blats have been from point A to point A. It's a 1995 chassis that was assembled in 1998 and as best I can tell I am the 4th owner. I got it with 5364 miles on the ODO which could be equal to how many miles it has been transported between previous owners.
  5. A/C listed in the description.
  6. The Outback. It gets the job done with AWD and cargo space. I got it from a GI going offshore and couldn't take it. I had been thinking about finding something AWD. It is safe with massive A & B pillars, massive side mirrors and lots of headrests. Safe, yes, although these items limit outward visibility. Now for outward visibility there's the 7. I've never put the hood on and can't figure out how I could see a traffic light if I had it on considering how short the windscreen is.
  7. But how much HP gets consumed to AC cool the air?
  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your and your teams efforts. :flag:
  9. I enjoyed having y'all visit, also enjoyed the beer, and also enjoyed driving a V8!
  10. Look for a threaded metal plug on the side of the main case. Generally this type of plug is about a third the way up from the bottom of the case. Add gear oil until a little runs out the hole. I think this is SOP for most transmissions.
  11. There are several 7's in the Atlanta area, now if you could arrange 6-pack abs...
  12. Looks like there isn't any moderators to pull the plug on the testosterone festival. :cuss: Make one appreciate the admins here.
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