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Selling my Lotus 7 replica on BAT next week!

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hi, guys

Remember when I thought I was aggravating my asthma from the side exhaust fumes?

Turns out it wasn't that at all…it was simply driving around with no top. Even though I have

a great new exhaust system (no fumes, much improved mid range power!), I'm still wheezing

all night long after a drive. Apparently it's just allergies and the Lotus has to go.


I'm listing it on Bring a Trailer next week with a very reasonable Reserve (less than any

car I've seen here yet). If anyone is interested and wants detailed information, more than

you might ask on BAT, please just let me know. I have gone deep into the car at this point

and know it really well. It really turned out to be quite nice, much better than I would have

expected. I believe all the basic details will be presented in the auction intro…but feel free

to ask anything else.


Btw, I'm a little bummed to be selling the 7…but I do want to thank everyone for their

support as I got my feet wet. I asked a lot of newbie questions and you guys were really patient

with me. Also, despite only driving it a few times I really got a huge amount of enjoyment

from it and fond memories I'll never forget. It was the fulfillment of a lifetime dream…

and now I know for sure there's nothing else quite like a Lotus 7!


with best regards,



photo 2.jpg

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I'm a fan of the way their business is developing and will watch your auction with interest. I may put my Z3 up this spring (the one I "sold" to buy my Caterham but haven't actually got around to it yet.) I do know the people there like good pictures and an engaged seller that keeps up with the comments. Good luck.

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hi, guys

I'm surprised by all the responses…but let me address everyone's questions.

About buy-it-now and price…I'm open to suggestion/offers. The actual auction

won't go live for a couple days and although I've already paid for the service I believe

I could sell early. If anyone wants to make an offer by PM, let's talk.


@Jesse…thanks for the tips and good wishes. About BAT and your Z3…let's talk after it's over and

I'll give you whatever info I can about what they do, how it all works etc. I'll definitely

try to keep up with all the comments.



@Lotusman "what makes it a replica?"... The guy who built the car is all old-timer who restores

British cars and also builds his own hot rods. He found original Lotus plans for an S2/S3 Lotus

and welded up the frame and formed the sheet metal to extremely close original tolerances

(I verified this). And then completed the car with all old Lotus and Caterham parts.

He sourced a 1970 Cortina GT for the drivetrain…so an authentic Kent Crossflow 1600 motor

and transmission. As for the square driveshaft tunnel he added that thinking it was an improvement,

he attached the flat top plates with a series of Dzus fasteners to provide excellent access to shifter

and driveshaft from above. I actually like that idea because of the access but also because

it gives you something to support your weight on when climbing in and out of the car.


(virtually) everything on the car is what you'd expect to see on a Lotus 7 2 1/2.

He rebuilt everything…the motor has 10:1 compression, a vintage Isky RPM Competition

grind cam and heavy duty valve train including double valve springs (I'm guessing it's good

for 7kprm). He also sourced a Weber 32DCD carb. I have extra parts…the correct

2 1/2 air scoop, stainless sheets precut fender protectors and a correct dual manifold

and throttle linkage if someone wants to upgrade to S3 spec. The car has a Formula

Ford 4 to 1 manifold and includes a brand new custom Magnaflow muffler system

per Scannon's suggestion. That greatly increased low and mid range performance,

and it really comes on the cam about 3500 rpm. Based on Weale's book

I estimate 110 hp currently and 135 hp with dual DCOE's (and that's based on

the lower 5400 rpm redline…I suspect this valve train and cam will support

higher rpm and hp …but that's speculation on my part.)


The guy also added some nice upgrades…Braille battery with 475 CCA, small but

powerful Nippondesno alternator and hi-Torgue Reduction starter (all new). I should

add that the car has less than 600 miles since the build and rebuild of the drivetrain.


I have a ton of pics if anyone wants to PM me their email address. I'll attach a

couple below. Feel free to ask if any more questions.





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Price is up to $21K and climbing. Couple of interested buyers seem to have fallen for this nicely done replica. As long as people keep bidding it up within the allotted few minutes, more time is added so who knows when (and where $$) it will end?

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$22500 - good price and a testament to the quality of this car. Congratulations to the seller and the new owner!


I was very entertained watching the bidders and matching back to members on this forum.


I think BAT auctions is a very interesting format for selling a classic these days. The past results for sevens has not been great but I guess it depends on the car on offer.

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Thanks for the comments, guys….also thanks for those who were supportive in the auction. I recognized

lotusman's nick, but I could tell there were others. I was surprised by the final bidding (and meanwhile

earlier this morning BAT was warning me I'd better lower the Reserve from $15k cause it might not sell!).

The car really was very nicely done, and the builder deserves a lot of credit. I got the car fairly cheap (compared

to the selling price) although I had put another $3k into it. I think the right thing to do is share the profits with the original

builder. I'll be contacting him once this deal is complete.


Probably a good time to thank everyone for all of their help on this car. I had lots of questions and

you guys were patient and super helpful. One last thing…going with the 2" Magnaflow really improved,

(vastly improved!) the low and midrange grunt of the Crossflow. It was clearly choking with that 1 1/2"

original pipe. Just offering that as info….thanks to Skip Cannon for the suggestion. The Magnaflow

really sounded great as well.


JesseD…if you have questions about how BAT went, the inside story…how about giving me a PM?

(or write me directly at 135krpm@q.com)


all the best, guys


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Tthe builder deserves a lot of credit. I got the car fairly cheap (compared

to the selling price) although I had put another $3k into it. I think the right thing to do is share the profits with the original

builder. I'll be contacting him once this deal is complete.


That would be an excellent thing to do. Good for your karma, also. (or would it be "car-ma?")

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I got the car fairly cheap (compared

to the selling price) although I had put another $3k into it. I think the right thing to do is share the profits with the original

builder. I'll be contacting him once this deal is complete.


John, You're a stand-up guy. :cheers:

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Wow, it IS the right thing to do, but few would even consider it, let alone do it! Kudos to you. I watch the BAT site daily and thought a critical difference between your sale and many others was your prompt and candid response to bidders' questions. So often a car is listed and then relevant questions go unanswered.

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hi, guys

Just a quick followup. First of all, thanks for all the supportive comments. I was feeling pretty disappointed leaving the

7 community almost as fast as I finally got here! I'm feeling pretty good now with all your comments, and even moreso having

begun speaking with both the original builder (who's pretty jazzed about getting a "contribution" to his current build…seems

to be a MG Midget sleeper, he's going for over 100 hp in a 1275 motor) and even better I've spoken to the new 7 owner and

there's no doubt he will give this car a worthy home but also (I predict) be an asset here on USA7's. His name is Bill Connery,

he's a longtime motorcycle dirtracker and Formula Vee racer…and currently owns a gorgeous Grand Sport replica (pics below)!

I mentioned USA7's and he's already joined and is hoping to be at the Millville, NJ gathering if we can complete the transfer in time.

I don't know what his nick will be here, but please look for him and give him some of the camaraderie you've shared with me.


Btw, can you imagine going back and forth between a 500+ hp Grand Sport and a "point and shoot" 1050lb Lotus 7??

Should make for some interesting story-telling *grin*


all the best,




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