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Photo and Video - 2017 Sevens HPDE at NJMP Drivers Club

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To make it easier to find photos and video I started a new thread.



This is the only video I took the whole weekend. Session 1 on Sunday - start to finish with no editing. I was camera car for Glen so was aiming to mingle around. Its in hi res and has decent audio.



0.00 Follow Dan in his Westfield out of the pits

6:15 Passing George in his Birkin

6:30 The infamous carbon rear wing incident of Tom and new skid marks for Dan

8:18 Passing Jay in his Caterham Roadsport

8:25 Dave in his Superformance S1

8:53 Slow down to let Kitcat pass on the happy assumption something exciting might happen

9:50 Passing Dermott in his new (Skip's old) Caterham Miata

11:15 Passing Steve in his shiny Mallock

14:28 Pass Paul in his Birkin

14:29 I go all silly

14:30 I discover someone has moved the wing to a new and exciting position




I have Mike W's photos from the weekend. I will be uploading those today and posting here. I have all of them in hi-res to distribute - just have to work out how to do it. There are some absolutely stunning photos in there - some of his best work ever.



Edited to fix the video for the blank spot and add an index

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And for Steve when he sees this - thank you! Your comments to me on the problems your Mallock was having under braking proved very helpful on Monday as I was suffering the exact same issue on the BMW but far more extreme. We raised the front ride height and sure enough made progress of fixing its waywardness under braking.

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Thx, Croc, fun to watch you coasting down the front straight and still keeping up with my mighty Zetec:)! Also informative to see how my unconventional line thru 3-4-5 did not allow me to pull ahead. In fact, just the opposite, you were closing with ease there. Time to rethink that. My lap timer showed I gained 4-6 seconds a lap by the end of Monday's special session compared to this vid, so practice makes perfect. Even then I was still far behind what became known as " the two red cars"(Seb and Simon). And wasn't that moving fender chicane in turn 5 exciting?

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Just watched Croc's video and I was thankful that after a few laps no one hit my fender. Then suddenly it moved into a worse line. So Fess UP. Who hit it??? :cuss: I just took it out of the truck. It is mostly in one piece, but needs some serious epoxy work to get it back together on the inside. It seems to have delaminated at the seems inside. I'll see what I can do to save it. Special thanks to Dan who was just behind me when I hit it for his quick reaction in avoiding it. :hurray: Tom

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At the risk of sounding like an echo chamber, if you have not yet come to this festival you are missing out! As a first timer, the camaraderie, sevens expertise and facility were top notch... this group had great drivers, friendly personalities, steady pace and a few fast cars in the straights (mine included). I learned from Simon and Seb that my factory suspension setup is too stiff and needs to be revised on the 620R... had Simon not driven it I would never have known. If you have a seven you belong!!


Mike and Tom organized the event flawlessly. Now.... I vote for Thunderbolt next year :hurray: Otherwise, watch out for turn 7!


Great meeting everyone... thanks for making it safe and fun! Can't wait for next year.

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Keeping the photos in sequence


Friday night I slept with 9 attractive cars....actually 11 if you count two of my other two cars present









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Setting up in the pits on Saturday morning - some old guy here...





Steve's shiny Mallock






Roman's Ultralite. He was awarded the furry poo brown steering wheel cover last year for polishing on the Friday night. He cracked me up by wearing it in the pits this year.






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Skip's ex-Caterham, in good hands with Dermot, shown standing admiring the blue beastie with Roman.





George's Birkin





Jay's Caterham Roadsport






Mike (Kitcat) mugging for the camera with his Caterham.



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This year we let a Mallock Clubman and a Lotus 61 FF run with us on the basis that they go around corners quickly with a performance envelope similar to a traditional Lotus 7, fit the "add lightness" ethos and the owners are really fun guys. It helped that they were simply gorgeous cars - jewel like in engineering.













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Graham's Honda powered Locost





Dan's secret strategy to stop people passing and to blind him at the same time!




Westfield Miata dash - in the right hands these pedal along quite quickly. Impressive car. Give it a turbo Dan!





Getting the cars tech inspected. Michael D giving Roman some "birds and bees" advice while Mario stares on in disbelief



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More tech inspection fun - Paul dealing with NJMP's 'Froggy' for the first time.





Tom C studying Graham's Honda installation and wondering if louvres are the secret to performance.





Fred working on his Locost BEC screamer






Dermot tanning his face in the Mallock's reflections while Steve shares the joke



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Nothing prepares you for Steve's desire to be shiny, reflective and mirror like. The Mallock is but one example of this stunning finish





And yes folks, that rear panel is mirroring the asphalt...it is that shiny!





For those that do not know, a Mallock was the idea of taking the best of a seven and fixing its weak points. Gorgeous thing.

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