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2018 Sevens HPDE at NJMP - July 4-6, 2018

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USA7s HPDE Event – July 4 to July 6, 2018


Tom and Michael would like to welcome you all to the 8th running of the USA7s Event hosted by New Jersey Motorsports Park Drivers Club at NJMP in Millville NJ.


Please take the time to read all of the following information prior to registering so that you understand all the relevant details and sign up appropriately. An email has been sent to those on the mailing list. If you would like to attend and need the registration information then please PM your email to me on this forum and I will forward it to you.



This year, online registration will be via Motorsportreg.com.


Step 1 is, if you have not already, register as a user on Motorsportreg.com.


Step 2 is to register and pay for the event using the following exclusive online link:



During the registration you will be required to select the options you wish to participate in – days running, non-driving visitors, various dinners, etc. All dinners are pay on the day format based on your selections – so we are only looking for numbers at this stage. This will produce a total for which you will be required to enter your credit card to complete registration.


NJMP’s cancellation policy is outlined on the registration page. Late registration will incur a late fee imposed by NJMP.


Drivers Club members have a different HPDE cost to non-members reflecting their club subscriptions paid.





The schedule for the event is as follows:


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Afternoon: Arrival at NJMP. Our first day on track is at Thunderbolt circuit. As there is a group already occupying the Thunderbolt pits on the Wednesday as we arrive, we are not able to get access to the Thunderbolt pits until that track has gone cold.


We recommend that you head to the Lightning pits as they will be unoccupied other than a limited test day for some interesting cars and the karting is nearby. There is the option of a track walk on Lightning to show some of the finer points of the track that you may not have had the chance to study previously.


3:30 to 4:30pm Karting is located at the back of the Lightning pits. Then a clean up and change of clothes or maybe a swim at the clubhouse before the dinner.


5:00pm Cocktails at the Clubhouse for the early starters.


6:00pm Welcome Pool Party BBQ at the NJMP Clubhouse.



Thursday, July 5, 2018 – THUNDERBOLT CIRCUIT

8:30am Breakfast at the Clubhouse (where you had dinner the night before)

9:00am Registration and Tech inspection at the Thunderbolt pits classroom area

10:00am Mandatory Drivers Meeting in the Thunderbolt pit classroom

10:30am Track is live. There will be a printed guide available on the day with session times.

1:30pm Lunch at the Clubhouse

2:30pm Track is live.

6:30pm Dinner at the Hotel Charlesworth, 224 New Jersey Avenue, Fortescue, NJ 08321


Friday, July 6, 2018 – LIGHTNING CIRCUIT

8:30am Breakfast at the Clubhouse

9:00am Registration and Tech inspection (if not inspected the previous day) at the Lightning pits classroom area

10:00am Mandatory Drivers Meeting in the Lightning pits classroom

10:30am Track is live. There will be a printed guide available on the day with session times.

1:30pm Lunch at the Clubhouse

2:30pm Track is live.

6:30pm Awards Dinner at Andrea’s Trattoria, 16 North High Street, Millville, NJ 08332


The session times are subject to finalization and a schedule for that day will be handed out each daily drivers briefing.



NJMP Location

The GPS address of NJMP is 8000 Dividing Creek Rd., Millville, NJ 08332


Google Maps link



When driving to NJMP it is strongly recommended that you exit off Rt 55 at Exit 24 (Rt 49) as this route option avoids trailers having to make a sharp right turn in downtown Millville. While the signposts on Rt 55 to NJMP will say you should use exit 27 we do not recommend this option because of the difficulty you will have navigating the tight right turn in downtown Millville. If you are staying at the Fairfield Inn (next to Exit 27) and trailering then we would also recommend returning to Rt 55 to head south to Exit 24.



Event Requirements

Driver’s License: All Drivers must have a valid Driver’s License and be at least 18 years of age to participate. You will be asked to present your Driver’s License at the track. If you have not run at this event previously then prior to registering you will need to email your driving experience for running in an intermediate or above skill level HPDE to either Tom or Mike. This will be shared with NJMP track management prior to the event. Please bring and be prepared to show any race license you have obtained in order to verify your experience.

Helmet Requirement: A Snell M or SA rated full-faced helmet dated 2010 or newer is required for all drivers and passengers on the track. Open face helmets are not permitted in open cars like sevens. Rental helmets are available with prior arrangement through the NJMP General Store.

Arm restraints: NJMP requires open top cars to be driven on track with drivers and passengers both wearing arm restraints and full faced helmets.

Attire: NJ State Law requires all participants on the track to wear long pants and closed toed shoes. No one in shorts will be permitted to enter the race track or pit lane.

Tech: A tech inspection is required for each car prior to accessing the race course. An NJMP official will tech your car the morning of the first HPDE day of the event, but please review the tech form prior to then in order to be sure your car is adequately prepared. There is no requirement to present the tech form – this is just a guide for you to be prepared.

Open Top Cars: Must have approved rollover protection. Pop up roll bars or detachable hard tops are not accepted by NJ State Law.

Speed Limits: Speed limit in the paddock is 5 mph. Speed limit on access roads is 25 mph. Do not test vehicles or bed brakes on infield roads. For non-racing events, the pit lane speed limit is 20 mph.

Participants, including Drivers Club Members and their guests, are responsible for any damage to NJMP property including on track and off track. This includes damage to Armco and tire wall barriers should you hit them (please don’t!) or for the white powder to soak up oil and coolant spills on track.

Noise: Un-Muffled engines must not be run before 8:30 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. NJMP strives hard to keep good relations with the local community and we should support their initiatives by complying.

Fuel: For the convenience of customers, New Jersey Motorsports Park houses fuel stations at both the Thunderbolt and Lightning Raceways. On most track days the fuel stations are open from 8:30am to 3:30pm.


The fuel station at Thunderbolt Raceway offers octanes of 93 & 100 (unleaded) and 110 & 112 (leaded), while the station at Lightning Raceway offers 93 & 100 (unleaded) and 110 (leaded). The fuel stations are permitted to fill containers in proper five gallon red fuel cans only, per New Jersey State Law. Larger fuel containers of 10 gallons or more (any color) are permitted to be used as long as they are marked appropriately (stickers or writing on container that reads “FUEL”).

General Store: The NJMP facility has a convenient General Store open during days. It sells refreshments (including beer), ice, driving equipment (helmets, boots, driving suits), oils, some tools, safety gear and other related items. It is located on the ground floor of the Officers Club in the pit area of the Thunderbolt track. It also does rental helmets should they be required.

Trailer Drops: Trailer drops are typically allowed from 7-10 pm the night before. However, there are occasions when this is not possible due to events taking place at the facility. There will be an event at Thunderbolt on the Wednesday and so trailer drops will probably not be possible before 6:30pm at the earliest but we will monitor on the day.

Please keep in mind that NJMP Drivers Club Member Days are not a racing event but rather a Driver Education day. You will learn how to handle and control your vehicle at high speeds as well as explore the capabilities as a driver and those of your vehicle. At no time will you be pushed or encouraged to go any faster than is comfortable for you. All participants are organized into run groups based on experience, skill, and type of vehicle.

Non-driving Visitors: Non-driving visitors are required to be registered by NJMP. There is space on the registration pages for this. The fee for non-driving visitors covers all refreshments during the day and a hot cooked breakfast and a high quality dining room lunch at the Clubhouse. It also provides privileges to accompany NJMP accredited/approved instructors in sevens (or the pace car or other vehicles) as a passenger. Passengers are required to have paid the daily visitor fee and comply with the safety requirements of drivers – helmet, arm restraints, and clothing/shoes.


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Top Posters In This Topic

Posted Images


Pit Set Up Location


Attached to your registration email are some maps. The first illustrates the layout of the NJMP complex, its two tracks, karting facility, Pit Suites/Villas for overnight accommodation, General Store and Clubhouse/Finish Line Pub. The second map shows the Thunderbolt and Lightning circuits. The NJMP facility has 24 hour gated and patrolled security and is a secure place to leave your trailers and cars overnight.

As you enter NJMP you will be required to stop at the main gate to show identification.

If you are arriving on Wednesday, July 4 before 4:30pm then you would join us at the Lightning pits/karting since the Thunderbolt pits are occupied. Otherwise people would be at hotels/changing/etc given the dinner event at the Clubhouse. If you say you wish to go to the Thunderbolt pits then NJMP security at the main gate will hold you outside the gates. Your better option is to go to the Clubhouse and enjoy the facilities and do a trailer drop later.

If you are arriving on Thursday, July 5 then you would turn LEFT after the gate and follow the access road around past the townhouses, garages and over the bridge to the Thunderbolt circult.

After the karting you can clean up and then congregate at the NJMP Clubhouse pool area where a full bar service and appetizers/dinner will be available for your purchase. Maybe arrive early and have a swim – there are full changerooms at the Clubhouse.

We encourage you to bring a folding chair or other seating for your time in the pits as there is no fixed or movable seating provided by the track.


Welcome Pool Party BBQ - July 4, 2018


Given most people will be arriving the night before, we will have an informal pool party BBQ at the NJMP Clubhouse. A comprehensive menu and drinks will be available for purchase at the event.

If you will be arriving late then there are a number of fast food and other full service chain restaurants in Millville.


Catering - Breakfast and Lunch on HPDE Days – July 5 and 6, 2018

Hot breakfast and dining room lunches are included in your driver and guest fees paid at sign on. Breakfast will be held at the Clubhouse – a short drive from the pits on both circuits. Lunch will be held at the Clubhouse. Snacks and refreshments (water, energy drink, soda) are complimentary throughout the day and are located in the refrigerators/ice tubs at the pit classroom.


Dinner at Hotel Charlesworth - July 5, 2018

Unfortunately, given the way the Independence Day Holiday fell mid-week this year, the traditional Don Fauerbach riverside BBQ is not being held. However, you are invited to join us at Hotel Charlesworth, 224 New Jersey Avenue, Fortescue, NJ. This is a local institution right on the Delaware Bay about a 15-20 minute drive from NJMP. The views are stunning. It is BYOB so bring any beer/wine/spirits you wish to consume. No alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase as Fortescue is a “dry town.” You pay for what you order at the restaurant.

We plan to car pool from various locations (NJMP Pit Suites, Fairfield Inn, etc) and will arrange that during the day. Dress code for this event is summer casual.

Google Maps Reference


Awards Dinner at Andrea’s Trattoria – July 6, 2018


Andrea’s is famous amongst NJMP locals for its fantastic menu and wonderful Chef/Owners. Weekends in Millville in summer will see the place booked out with those who have been driving on track during the day. It is located in downtown Millville around 10 minutes from NJMP at 16 North High Street Millville. It is also BYOB – so bring the beer/wine/spirits that you wish to enjoy. No alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase. You will need to pay for your food and drinks at the completion of dinner.

Google Maps Reference



Driving Format


As we are participating in a NJMP Drivers Club event, we follow their specific rules of operations for tech inspection of cars and safety gear. We also follow their practices for on track behavior. We will have a Sevens session defined in the attached timetable for the day. Passing will be by invitation only. That is a passing car will need to receive a point by by the car being passed. No point by then no passing. It is courteous for drivers to monitor their rear vision mirrors and let cars past promptly. Passing zones are defined as the straights – you will be briefed on these at the Drivers Briefing at the start of each HPDE day for each circuit.

Passing in the turns is not acceptable. No passing in the braking zones. Given sevens have such remarkable cornering and braking skills it is not expected that passing cars should be held up for any length of time if drivers of slower cars monitor their mirrors and point by promptly. These rules are intended for your safety and if followed should prevent car to car contact.

In the past we have no traffic issues or people being held up on track. I put that down to good drivers participating and our remarkble little cars.

YouTube course video links are available on USA7s under the specific event posting if you are attending for the first time.



There are a range of lodging options at all budgets in Millville and nearby Vineland. There are also Pit Suites and townhouse/villas on the NJMP site. We encourage you to book early as Millville is a popular spot for people to stay when visiting the Jersey Shore in summer.

Camping is available at NJMP by permit along with power hookups for RV with a fee. See the NJMP website for details:


Given we are switching circuits, you may want to set up in the Clubhouse camping area to avoid having to move camping sites mid-event.

A certain amount of overnight secure garage space is available at Garage Mahal. We somehow got 10 sevens in there last year plus some other automotive money pits.




TK Autosports has traditionally been the mechanic of last resort when cars have broken/melted/fallen apart in prior years. TJ (the little one) and Ian (the big one) are a fantastic resource during the Drivers Club event days usually saving the day when it has all gone south. Their rates are very reasonable given their experience.

If you need help preparing your car in advance of or during the event then TK Autosports can be reached at:



They are located at Millville Airport, adjoining the NJMP site.


While they frequently do save the day they are not miracle workers so you are encouraged to take your preparation for this event seriously.




NJMP can be reached at (856) 327-8000. After hours the main switchboard may not be answered. In this event you should call the Main Gate security office on (856) 327-7255.


Tom and Michael's contact details are contained in the registration email you received. If you require the registration email then please PM on this forum with your email address and we will forward.

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Lightning Circuit






Thunderbolt Circuit


This is a 360 degree video. For those who have not used one before then:


1) Click through this video into youtube itself.

2) Play the video

3) move the camera around by (a) the arrows top left, or (b) clicking your mouse on the video playing and dragging to look behind, up, sides or down



If you move the camera to point down slightly you will see I overlaid a track map on the passenger seat below the speed. You can angle the camera view to see that, the speed, my hands/steering plus still see the view in front. You may have to move the view slightly right to read the various captions anyway as the youtube screen size is narrower than my video edit app. Sorry no sound, just wind noise, as this camera does not have an external mic.





0:00 Leaving the pits - where to line up to await going out on circuit

0:23 Pit lane and the turn onto the circuit

0:40 Leaving the pits and the blend line you should follow merging onto track

0:52 For the next two warm up laps I have added text commentary on some of the more tricky corners and what you should not do.

5:35 Some clean laps at a good moderate pace. There was too much traffic to be really quick but this will show the various lines. I deliberately tried lots of different lines in the Devil to show you what happens - the answer is that you are fairly safe because the speed is relatively low. Experimentation will teach you a bit in this corner. Just watch the speed on the decreasing radius corner on entry into the Devil.

10:38 I lap a Stalker. You should have seen it lean in the corners. The brake dust and smell coming off this one was incredible. Quick in a straight line though.

19:19 I play follow Tom so you can see the track lines from a different perspective.

23:50 Returning to the pits and back of pits




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Looks fabulous! It gets better every year guys:)! I breezed thu registration and, as Croc knows from my past years' registration screw-ups, that is a testament to its ease of use!!!

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Well, Shane just gave me a heads up on a registration site glitch. Apparently you cannot register a driver and non-driving guests simultaneously. I am on it and working with Carolyn to fix it today - give me 24 hours.


Drivers only registration is fine. You can always register and come back to update later.

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In honor of USA7s, NJMP is hosting the Millville Fireworks on July 4th. They will begin at 9pm, but leading up to the event we have lots of activities going on such as live music, things for kids - bounce houses, face planting, craft area, monster truck rides, things for mother-in-laws such as a dunk tank, things for wives such as paintball target shooting, and so on. This will be set up near the officers club at the Thunderbolt pits if anyone wants to join in.


This will complicate dropping trailers at Thunderbolt pits the night before but it is a late start on the Thursday so that makes it all work.

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Tom: That would definitely be in keeping with the solemnity of the occasion:). Or, maybe look into a portable mechanical bull, like the one Croc so memorably rode at prior USA7s event!?

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Attendee update. Right now we have 30 potential cars and drivers. Assuming everyone on the list gets their car ready and registers, that will be a record attendance. Still room for a few more if you can make it. Getting closer now. Get those cars ready!!! Tom


1. Tom G

2. Croc

3. Norm

4. Len C

5. George H

6. Tom C

7. Paul

8. Mike M

9. Blake

10.John B

11. Dan F

12. Graham

13. Seb

14. Jeff H

15. Fred M

16. Steve M (Do we get the Mallock or Caterham this year?) Caterham!

17. Jim A

18. Roman

19. Scott L

20. Dave H

21. Mike S

22. Jay

23. Simon W.

24. Chris S.

25. Shane Definitely!

26. Dave D. and Bev D. DRIVER!!!:driving::seeya:

27.Carl B (Michael Ds old car)

28. ART R. (EX Croc's SV)

29. DrewBrese (Maybe?)

30. Todd R.

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Nice! This could be the biggest turnout of all times!!

Now the question is: to change tires or not for the weekend? I ask myself because Blake and i had a spring shake down at LRP on Monday and had a blast .. but tires took a serious beating. I have ZZR tires with A24 compound which I absolutely love, but as Croc had warned me, .. they wear faster than the eye can blink, even with our light cars. I also felt that I had to muscle through my brakes .. more than usual it felt, so perhaps due for a new set of pads.. after 4 yrs, it a probably time.


In in any case, these are what I would call champagne problems. I’m sure I’ll survive :). Look forward to seeing the bunch very soon

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Your pads will be fine. Tom got 12 years out of his. Mine are on their 8th year and have 50% left. Upgrade to the race master cylinder option that Caterham has.


They are lovely tires pity they disappear so quickly!

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With John B cancelling out, we are back to only 29. So who is going to step up and be number 30? Dermot, where are you? :toetap05: :jester:



1. Tom G

4. Len C

5. George H

6. Tom C

7. Paul

8. Mike M

9. Blake

.John B Cancelled out. :leaving:

10. Dan F

11. Graham

12. Seb

13. Jeff H

14. Fred M

15. Steve M (Do we get the Mallock or Caterham this year?) Caterham!

16. Jim A

17. Roman

18. Scott L

19. Dave H

20. Mike S

21. Jay

22. Simon W.

23. Chris S.

24. Shane Definitely!

25. Dave D. and Bev D. DRIVER!!!:driving:

26.Carl B (Michael Ds old car)

27. ART R. (EX Croc's SV)

28. DrewBrese (Maybe?)

2. Croc

3. Norm

29. Todd R.

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The trophies for the awards night are coming along nicely. So far we have:



  • Golden Skidmarks Award for the tire tracks left on the track or grass. This may be challenging since Simon, Jeff and myself have had lots of practice on these two circuits plus Shane, Roman and Mike are attending.
  • Debris Award for the bad person who brings rocks, cones, obstacles, etc onto the track - its a painted rock
  • "I May Be Faster Than the Stig" Award for the best driver - this is a statue of the Stig.
  • The Oscar Statue for "Best Directions in a Moving Vehicle". Yes this is for those that deliver point bys with panache, style, grace and above all quickly
  • The "Honey I Broke it Again"Award replaces the former Mechanical Sympathy award but still rewards those participants with the most bone headed mechanical moment of the event
  • The Polisher Award is a particularly vile award that Steve automatically wins but I think we have a few promising contenders this year.
  • And the new award....ta da!.... The Golden Plunger Award. Intended to recognize the one that had the biggest brown seat moment, it is of course a gold painted plunger on a plinth with a roll of TP (just in case).
  • And a new special award that needs to remain secret for now. Needless to say it will be very special and the laughter will probably see us kicked out of Andreas Trattoria.


As we are running Thunderbolt circuit on the Wednesday, I feel that there are many prime opportunities for landscaping and gardening at Turn 2, 4, and most of all the entry to the Devil, the most radical decreasing radius turn of any track in America. Just last weekend for the AER races, the first lap saw 9 cars off at that one corner. :cooldude:


Feeling strong chaps? :jester:

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