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Photo Thread - 2021 USA7s Event at NJMP


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2 hours ago, Kitcat said:

Jeff’s picture above shows the red Caterham’s owners/drivers, Simon and son,  plus Croc-supplied mechanics, TJ and Ian. Apparently  working on a rare se7en mechanical problem:).


This photo illustrates the effort Croc and Tom put into making these events so terrific. When have you been to a track event that supplied, free of charge, skilled mechanical staff to help troubleshoot any issues you may develop there?


Ian and Tj are fantastic and I'm very glad to have had them there to help out. Nothing but high remarks. 


I'd be careful saying they are free of charge however as thats a little misleading. It was a little bit of a sticker shock once I discovered the track emergency assistance rate fee and what the $20 part ended up costing in total. 


11 hours ago, BlueBDA said:

Thank you Mike and Tom for once again organizing "the largest annual gathering of Sevens in the US". Perfect weather, and much fun on and off the track. I shot a bunch of pictures, but have to sort through them. In the meantime, here's one as a tease.edited-0676.thumb.jpg.7658041cacbf6649feaa0eaf449af618.jpg


That's a great shot!

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And a story:


Heading home Monday night, on 84 North in CT, we hear "fwap fwap fwap...". Oh crap. Pulled off at the next exit and pulled over. Flat trailer tire. No spare. 10:00pm, an hour from home. Ran through the full set of swears, then went into problem-solving mode. Got the Seven off the trailer, the wheel and tire off the trailer, and the trailer off the RAV4. Propped the trailer axle on wood blocks and one of my ramps. Called the police to let them know I was leaving my trailer by the side of the road. Suited up in t-shirt, long-sleeve shirt, hoodie, down jacket (you guys know the drill). Laura and her mostly healed right foot drove the RAV4 home. I drove the Seven on northeastern CT backroads into MA and home (I hate driving it on the highway). Wonderful, fantastic ride on little curvy backroads, with the full moon out and almost no other cars on the road. Got home around 1:00am, tucked the car in the garage, had some bourbon and went to bed.


Next day (yesterday at this writing) a local shop got and mounted a new trailer tire. Couldn't find a hole in the old tire, but it sure had severe aneurysms all around its side wall. Mystery why it suddenly went flat. I drove back to collect the trailer.


No pics from Monday night (wasn't in a mood to take pictures), but here are some from yesterday when I picked up the trailer. I just noticed from the picture that the trailer wheels kinda match the RAV4 wheels.



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Great eye Jeff! You have obviously done this before. The shots of Paul and Lori, Vlad and old reliable, and Blake in  his Caterham, are all character studies!


And, after the shot of your BDA with the Sunoco signage in the background, I think we all have to now admit that “Stuart’s BDA” is now, officially, “Jeff’s BDA”:)!


I just read your about your  trailer drama. Between our cars and our trailers, it’s never dull. For what it’s worth, I got home at 1:00 a.m. too that day, after an incident free but traffic challenged 12 &1/2 hour drive from NJMP.

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What a great event! Special thanks to Mike and Tom for organizing and all for attending. Sevens are amazing cars but the group that owns and keeps them running make it that much better. 


If you didn't notice I had a "vintage" GoPro (Hero2) mounted on my car that recorded about half of the sessions before the battery inevitably died. I am no editing wizard but tried my hand at consolidating the videos to capture as many members on track as I could. I wish I had captured the last session of the event, where as Paul mentioned, the Caddyshack gopher was posted up and holding his ground on the racing line in turn 2. Then on the same lap, coming out of turn 10 a flock of geese half on the track buzz the roll bar as they took off to avoid the screaming seven. 


I can't wait for next year, I have already started making a parts list for winter projects and began preparing for the 2022 event.



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10 hours ago, Kitcat said:

When have you been to a track event that supplied, free of charge, skilled mechanical staff to help troubleshoot any issues you may develop there?


Yes and no.  For accuracy, I do arrange a modest amount of gratis time for TJ and Ian to assist the inevitable oops and uh oh moments but it is rationed across all participants since I wear the cost of that.  So everyone gets a small allowance of free advice and troubleshooting assistance but soon as it gets into specific tasks which require more time or parts then payment is required by the car owner.  I think that is a fair solution to keep people running in the middle of a track day when a surprise mechanical malady or electrical gremlin surfaces.   Often their ability to "be on tap" has made the difference between getting in more sessions or having to pack up for the rest of the day.



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