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Photo Thread - 2021 USA7s Event at NJMP


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We are off and running.  People started arriving today.  Just broke up after dinner.  

We will add photos here as the event proceeds.  

Today saw a small gathering at my garage.  Goodwood live on the TV.  Some cars being stored downstairs.  



Then it was off to the NJMP Clubhouse for dinner outside.  Perfect evening.  Only slightly massacred by insects.  



We were slightly interrupted by Simon @simon450 who ran out of fuel on the access road.  Who would have thought a Caterham fuel gauge was inaccurate?  Sadly his son was following in a Tesla but could not find the gas cap to siphon some gas out?  

Tomorrow kicks off early.  Breakfast at 7am (full cooked all included in the fee).
Then tech and registration commence at 7.30.  Driver briefing kicks off at 8.30am.  
I guess we will be second or third session out.    

Vlad @Vovchandr made it.  Wish him luck as he may need it.  

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Vlad has crocheted warmers for his clutch and brake fluid. Adorable!





One of our number forgot to latch his bonnet which made a successful bid for freedom on track




Luckily, he bent it back into shape to continue. The good fight.  1FF42713-707D-40BE-A162-359F9CDCA831.thumb.jpeg.92da75b0edfbae58b02a8b46b285ebee.jpeg

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Croc: CarlB bought MichaelD’s Zetec Caterham (See above green body, all yellow fenders, er, wings and cycle fenders).

Like Jim (FE07), I forgot to “batten down the latches”, fortunately, just on one side, so I was able limp off  course  and fix things!

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