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MightyMike's Birkin

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Is that really my old car? Wow... I've said it before and I'll say it again: Nice Job!


Cant wait to see the whole thin finished. Of course you'll have to post a lot of pictures of both interior and exterior. Maybe some before and after shots so everyone can truly appreciate the transformation.


Tell me about your heel pad. Looks like a small alloy strip. Great idea. Did you purchase off the shelf, or have your metal magician whip it up for you?


Keep the updated coming.



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Thanks for the compliments. Your car has certainly gone through a transformation, but its soul hasn't changed.


I picked up the heal pad online - Moss Motors if my memory serves me right.


The only challenge that I see remaining with my wiring install is getting the right wires from the ECU figured out.



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ISIS install going well; however, I have a few extra wires. In fact, the three sets of bundled input wires are un-needed. At some point when I'm triple sure that I will not need them, I plan to cut them off or pull them out of the connectors.


The output wires to the system are still backordered. Once I get those and barring any screwups, my Birkin ought to be up and running in short order.



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Wiring harness project is complete! I still must calibrate my Stack dash and fix a few minor things, but I am pleased with the results.


I like the push button start and not having an ignition key.





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Very nice, Mike.

Seats next?

I have a chronic back condition.

The Birkin seat was uncomfortable and had to be replaced. (ultrashield Rally seat with a *Backsaver* pad from Pegasus.



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