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  1. I need to get a T-shirt with Paint is for Wimps and a picture of a 7
  2. I think $50K for a basket case VI and no history would be on the high side. This car would get you invites to some good events. Like the Climax, it is easy to drop $10 or $20K on a rebuild. Historic FIA papers and provenance make a huge difference in Europe. Once you get to this level you are paying for a car, the story and a ticket punch to big time events. To me this is a case of you want to play you got to pay. But then I think my Seven is worth $50K.
  3. I remember straining to see the last episode on TV. Our family went to a restaurant. I was sitting where I could just see the through the door to the TV over the bar in the next room. Scarred me for life it did.
  4. Number 61 drove Talladega and Barber Motosport park. The engine let go at Barber. 20 years on a engine that sees the occasional vintage race isn't bad.
  5. It was great to see the 7s at LOG. Wish there had been more. As a side note Bill B. drove his 1965 from Rochester NY again.
  6. It actually looks better with the wood trim. Like lipstick on a pig. Or like a British car mechanic who kept my daily driver MG going used to say "Neat but not gaudy. Like a ruby in a pig's ass." That doesn't say much for the original design.
  7. The Ypres Lotus day would be a hoot with something like that.
  8. I won't be driving the Barber track this LOG. I think my track driving is over. That said the one time I did drive Barber was in my BMC powered 1958 Series 1. At the speeds I drove I had a lot of time to spend looking at the track. For me turn 1 was much more of a turn that it looks on the map. Turn 2 falls away down hill, you stay in the middle of the track until you see the flagers station then turn in. I never felt comfortable in turn 2. Turn 6 always surprised me (I can be a slow learner). There was a lot of compression and the rear drive shaft coupling would hit the transmission tunnel loop and make a big racket (A little know feature of the early Sevens and clubman versions of the XI) causing me to ease up on the turn. Turns 7 through 13 are pretty fantastic. The straights between 13 and 1 then between 3 and 4 were pretty boring at 60mph or so. The elevation changes and landscaping make things interesting. There are a few places with restricted sight lines. This LOG I will be driving Talladega, the auto-x and the skid pad. I'm contemplating taking the windshield and front bicycle fenders off the car to get a bit more speed at Talladega. That and a totally reworked engine (60 hp rather than 40 and another 1,700 allowable rpm) should let me go fast enough to stick to the banking at Talladega. The pro instructor that I know says that if your aim is to learn car control the one thing you need to experience is the skid pad. It is supposed to be very humbling.
  9. A few years ago I received a letter from the Virginia DMV demanding proof that my 7 was a Lotus. I sent them a letter from the Lotus historian and they went away. Mine is the only case of this of which I am aware.
  10. The red and ali Birkin does belong to Dave H. He was there to represent Ragtops and Roadster one of the event sponsors. Elisa signing one of her namesakes. LOG 37 logo sticker. Ragtops and Roadsters customers gathered at LOG 36
  11. One of the best ways of learning a car is to clean it. A good cleaning gets you to look at and touch everything. Welcome and good luck.
  12. It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Claudia, my wife of 27 years, died yesterday morning due to a blood clot. She was 63 and had been retired one year. It was unexpected. Many in the Seven community have known her through her attendance at LOG and the 50th Anniversary of the Seven at the Tail of the Dragon.
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