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MightyMike's Birkin for Sale

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I will get the car in June. I ordered a roller (no eng & trans). Options chosen were Wilwood brakes and fuel line kit. As far as the motor goes, I haven't decided. A LS1 or L33 seems the most practical given the tire size limitations, but an LS3 would be cool just because.


Specs from the website; including weight, follow...



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The Birkin makes approximately 150hp and weighs in the neighborhood of 1200 lbs. I haven't had the car on a dyno or put it on the scale, but drew my conclusion from similarly outfitted Birkins. The car has a stock fuel injected silvertop 2.0L Zetec.

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My Birkin is officially for sale...again! I decided to sell my car because I purchased a Stalker V8. I purchased this car in 2009 from a fellow USA7er (Marine7). Since then, I have spent countless hours and a pile of money fixing the car up. Please don't hesitate to send me a PM if you are interested or have any questions. The car is also listed on eBay. Car has approx. 18,200 miles (still driving it). Price is $26,000.


Drivetrain & Electrical:

Ford Zetec1 4cyl. 2.0 liter DOHC, 16V, fuel injected engine

· UK Spec water heater (simplified belt routing)

· Raceline carb-side alternator mount kit

· UK Spec water pump (reverse rotating)

· Raceline coolant rail assembly

· Dunnell Lowline baffled oil sump

· SamcoSport silicone coolant hoses

· Custom fabricated motor mounts by Beauchamp Racing and Restoration

· Massive Speed System purple powder coated cam cover (also includes extra silver powder coated cam cover) with aluminum oil cap

· Jegs alloy coolant overflow container

· Fresh Mobil 1 synthetic oil – 10W/30 with K&N oil filter

Ford Sierra T9 transmission with standard gears

· Dunnell lightened flywheel/clutch

Enkei PF01 Racing Wheels (all in perfect condition) fitted with Toyo Proxes T1R tires (like new tread)

· Front – 15x7 (12 lbs) & 195/50R15

· Rear – 16x7 (13.9 lbs) & 225/50ZR16

· 949 Racing 7075 forged alloy lugs, 12x1.5 threaded

ISIS 3-Cell wiring harness with ISIS inLINK RF Control Module (2 key fobs)

Odyssey PC680 lightweight battery with Battery Tender


Lotus Storm Titanium color paint on nose cone, bonnet, and scuttle (no scratches, dents, or chips)

Carbon fiber / fiberglass front and rear fenders – rear fenders have 3M Clear Bra

Carbon Fibre Mods (UK) carbon fiber canards

Birkin aluminum rear diffuser

Powder coated roll bar

Includes convertible top and side curtains; the fabric is in good condition and the plastic windows are clearly visible but starting to show signs of use

Billet aluminum license plate frame with LED lighting

BAT Aero 300 fuel cap (locking), 2 keys

BikeMaster side mirrors

Birkin wind deflectors

Laser cut steel 7 emblem on nose cone


MOMO 300mm leather steering wheel

SmartRacing Products quick release steering wheel adapter

Custom fitted Sector 111 Micro-mirror by Beauchamp Racing and Restoration

Original vinyl seats are great condition with no tears or punctures

The vinyl side panels are in okay condition and show normal signs of wear. The passenger side panel has a small gash (approx. 5/8”) on the top and it is noticeable in one of the interior photos.

Carbon fiber dash with STACK Digital Dash with custom aluminum billet switches and APEM push-buttons, push button engine START/STOP switch, functional lighting, turn signals, horn, and fan switch

TWM aluminum shift knob, aluminum E-brake handle from Lotus Elise, 12V power receptacle

The wipers are fully functional (Bosch motor), but require connecting to the power source and switch (sorry, didn’t get around to hooking them up because the car doesn’t leave the garage if the weather is questionable).

Handcrafted aluminum center tunnel, drive shaft loops, and interior switch panel by Beauchamp Racing and Restoration





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Fantastic job. You've created a one-of-a-kind car. I know exactly what you started with and the end result is stunning. Good luck with the sale. Lets hear more details on your Stalker as she develops.



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Well you picked a great time to sell... when it's still cherry from the rebuild & summertime. It is one of the sweetest 7s out there.


Can't wait to see what personal touches you have in store for the Stalker!

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I'm sad to see this car up for sale, and even more sad that I can't buy it.


Mike, when I first set eyes on this car, I was in awe. It's one of those cars that made an impression on me, and has played a part in many of the decisions I make in my own build. This car will undoubtedly make someone very happy.


Good luck with the sale.

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