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[MERGED] Carlisle May 18-20

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Okay, so I probably spent an inordinate amount of time at the Westfield booth while at Carlisle. Especially for a Caterham owner.


But after all, it was our rendezvous point (albeit a failed one!) and the spot provided some welcome shade after walking around rows and rows of Fieros and other oddities. Without the crowds of the building in which Noble, Factory Five, and many of the other makers were housed.


What’s more, Tom M. of Manik (US Distributor), Doug B. of Autopro (the East Coast dealer/builder), and Julian T. of Westfield UK were all on hand to speak with/get teased by. I think they got a kick out of a Caterham guy who was so into Westfield products. All very nice and obviously passionate fellows. I LOVE the padded buckets in the Westfield 1600 (the Miata-engined car) and would consider swapping at least one of the Tilletts in my car for one (the passenger seat, naturally). At under $30k built!, I think they are going to sell loads of these.


And in addition to their Se7en, they had their Eleven. I joked that I might get impeached as acting USA7s Club president for sitting in the Eleven. But really, that thing is cool, man. As in, I’d definitely get one of those if I didn’t have a Se7en already.


Later in the day, right before we left, we caught fellow Caterham owner John Hartley sitting in the Eleven. He seemed to dig it too. I think Mazda was trying to broker some engine for chassis trade…


Doug B. of Auto-Pro (he'll be at the Dragon with the orange car pictured) and Julian T. of Westfield UK





Initiate Wesfield sequence now:








Nice Caterham hat, there Benedict Arnold.:D








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And now, something not Se7en related, but very cool...rumor has it that this very car be making a guest appearance at 7-7-7...








Engine builder John Hartley in the Eleven:


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Wow Al, thanks for the great write-up and the pics!! :)


Some pretty impressive stuff there. That Hartley V8 looks like an awesome piece of engineering. And the Westfield and Lotus Elevens have always been a favorite of mine! Would love to have one of them sitting in my garage WITH the Birkin. I was hinting to my wife that the Lotus Eleven on ebay would make a great 50th birthday present!! :D


Thanks again, Bruce


PS: Sorry I missed the show, but I did get the engine and tranny installed this weekend. :) Will post pics tonight

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No worries Bruce.


I forgot to mention that when I sat in the Orange Westfield (I won't call it a Seven to avoid the wrath of the Caterham factory :D), I could barely see over the scuttle. They told me that the car had the lowered floors.


Also, note that Dino and the Deman USA folks changed plans and did not attend the show. They were invited to participate in some drift competition that was allegedly going to get all sorts of media coverage. As if a few photos on USA7s.com does not constitute "all sorts of media coverage"! See you in July Dino.

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A thank you to all that stopped by the Westfield booth. I'm just sorry I didn't get any pictures of Al in the XI... :)


A surprising number of 'Sevens' at the show, and I'm glad we were able to attract a great deal of interest from those who really couldn't be bothered with a Cobra. I also hope everyone took advantage of John Hartley's 50% show 'discount' that was discussed here ;)



Next up is the 777 and we are looking forward to it!





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I thought John Hartley was more interesting, but here it is, fodder for the July 7th elections...



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Great pics and report. That H1 V8 is a nuclear weapon, looking for a car to set in. Pity the tires on whatever it goes into.

This year the show looked great. When I went to the show in 2003 to look for a seven, the only ones there were a Locost, an Ultralite, a Diva and a Superformance S3. The Superformance was a beautifully finished car, the interior was just like a new car. I understand they stopped making them, and concentrated on the cobras. too bad, the fit and finish were awesome.

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Just a Quick word to say thankyou to all of our guests who came to visit us at the Westfield stand. We are already talking about plans for next years show so plan to be there if you can. See you all at the 7/7/7 event.http://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/upload/2043590296_carlisle miata standMove.jpg

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