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  1. VovchanDr How much consideration should be factored for geography as you alluded to? I suspect the car will have more cosmetic UV paint wear sitting in the Colorado high plains or new mexico vs. effects of the Maine woods, or humid gulf coast conditions... And that isn't factoring in possible road salt exposure in the norther half of the country. This looks like the start of an exciting & interesting rebuild.
  2. I'm not sure about caterham. I replaced my Birkin windshield this fall after one too many rock chips & cracks. Just brought the windshield/frame to my local[good] glass shop and they custom cut a piece of laminated glass & reassembled. Good as new but without the defroster wires. IIRC: Another forum member did the same thing a few years ago after an errant rock on track shattered his windshield.
  3. I'm also using an odyssey PC680, but in a colder climate. current one is dated 2018 and is beginning to need a charger if not driven within a month. otherwise it works well but my understanding is a trade off of 30lbs for a few years of battery life. [It also comes out in the winter and goes on a trickle charger] Congrats on the car! p.
  4. Anker: Just in case this helps: from the Locost forum <http://www.locostusa.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=21081> 1) Chicago Driveline Alsip IL 60803, 708 385 1900. They built my custom driveshaft when I swapped rear axle. Fast and efficient, cost $209.79 2) Just a guess but I would imagine that any good automotive driveshaft shop will have the capability to ID what you have and rebuild your half-shafts.
  5. Is there a source of custom half-shafts in the US? {calling Tbox56 or the Locost folks} At the rate I'm going this month I'll have one fail sooner or later.
  6. There is also a ‘tall’ roll bar from Birkin. It that’s not tall enough I suspect they could make you an extra-tall. it’s very easy to swap them
  7. Everything I've touched this weekend has broken: this afternoon the seven's starter motor died (again). A similar failure occurred about 3-4years ago (motor spins but pinion doesn't engage flywheel). It's the stock/standard duralast ford focus starter for my 2L duratec. I do have a Odyssey battery. I'v been lead to believe this is a solenoid problem, does this sound correct? Is this just bad luck or is there something I should check/fix that could be causing this to prematurely fail? thanks.
  8. I have haltech as that was original setup I got. My unit is now obsolete but I’ve had good experiences with support (Oz office remotely logged into my car to help diagnose a failing ignition module). I think many cat’s have SBD systems. Some folks have good experiences with Typhoon? ECU last time I discussed with them. I’d give some/nominal consideration to tuning ability/interface since we are often engineer-types: (Can you find someone to tune a turboencabulator & can you further modify the settings)? My tuner does what he can and has advised: do this/that to further fine tune cold start settings… where there are limited attempts to set values at 30’F.
  9. have you checked to see if BirkinDirect has any on hand? i think i got one with my chassis that's in my attic now.
  10. Many thanks to Mike & Tom (as well as everyone who came to make it an amazing sevens gathering) just arriving home now I’ll post this end of the weekend shot of the die hards - Not pictured is the groundhog sunbathing in the driving line at turn 2. Luckily for the little critter we both managed to avoid it.
  11. 1) Have you tried one of those viscous aluminum powder radiator leak stop solutions? 2) have you replaced your O2 sensor? Last time I got re-tuned we discovered my sensor was giving intermittently erratic readings
  12. Tom what is the COVID - dining room situation regarding lunch/breakfast?
  13. It would seem to either be spark/fuel to #4. any way you can swap all (coil/injector/wire) for #4 with another cylinder and see if that one stops working to narrow it down? good luck... seems its the last 1% of this herculean adventure screwing it all up.
  14. Jay - I have a menagerie of spares. call me tomorrow p.
  15. I too have broken that seal in the name of 11th hour Se7en repairs
  16. Jay - so sorry to hear this. I’m off duty until Sunday - phone me if I can be of any assistance p.
  17. Can you rotate the steering rack to change the steering column angle?
  18. I’ve camped in the field there on more than one occasion. Weather will be good this time of year. Afterwards you can go over to cape may for a day or two.
  19. Dave- may be worth driving down to Millville for the annual usa7s NJMP gathering.
  20. Jay - if you don’t get it sorted let me know. I’ve probably got enough stuff laying around the arts pile to get it taken care of.
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