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2003 Caterham SV Zetec 5spd

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Yep - we all remember how that turned out




If the Cat is still in the stable in July, I want a ‘spirited’ ride. Thought I’d throw this in from the 2014 USA7s event at NJMP.e


DSC_16653_web.jpg DSC_16654_web.jpg DSC_16656 (800x531).jpg

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Relax Shane - I know its the wrong season to be selling a car - you only buy if the seller is desperate and discounting and I am neither. At any rate, the buyer will be a person who really wants an SV chassis and this is the 3rd cheapest that has ever been for sale that I observed since 2009 - the other two were, respectively, a salvage title car and another CA car that needed maintenance work. If someone does not need an SV then this is not the car for them since there are some tasty bargains regularly appearing in the Caterham S3 chassis line up. I will drop price if I see other comparable cars at lower prices - I have not so far.


At any rate I have my other basket cases to crack on with fixing. A wet weekend is here and Ebay/Racecarsdirect.com/Google will be my best website friends in sourcing parts I need to track down.

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Depending on how the annual dance with the tax man ends we might be having a discussion soon to see if we can work something out.


I infer from the comments that transferring the title to NH should be straightforward, I seem to recall when I had a Birkin it was registered (or maybe insured) as an antique which limited how/where/when it's supposed to be used. Do you guys have any advice on what I should expect for insurance in NH if I get a 7?

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