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Source for Big Head Cable Tyrap fasterners in US or equivalent???

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Morning All,

After a hit from one of Oakland's larger potholes I had the pleasure of watching the LF Cycle wing fly off...


The rigid adhesive that the wings were bonded on with adhered to the stays well, but not the wings, poor prep work.


I was wondering if anyone knows a source for Big Head Cable Tyrap fasteners in the US or an equivalent.




It would be nice to have the option of removing the wings and this looks like a reasonable way do do so.





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Used them on my front wings but I dont know of a US distributor

Got mine from this place and had my sis mail them over




I glassed mine in with a small patch of fiberglass mat over each one so no way are they are ever coming off.

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While researching methods for holding the wings on I came across an account where a guy lost the wing, it hit & dented the hood, then took out the windshield! I guess I was lucky.


I'm surprised they don't have a distributor here, wonder why? They seem to offer more bonding fastener options than the suppliers here...



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Just to offer another alternative, here's what I use. Got em at Lowes.

I cut off the adhesive backing with a razor blade so it's just bare plastic. Then I two-part epoxied the mounts to the underside of my fenders. I use four zip ties per fender. I added a thin piece of foam tape to the stay to keep the zip ties from sliding along the stay.

Just did a 500 mile round trip, mostly highway at 70 mph and in the rain.. they didn't budge at all.





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Thank you all for the help. I appreciate it. I had called the US distributor but never got a call back. The instillation process looks like a very well though out way to retain the fenders. They weren't fooling around on the material. 316 is a very high quality Stainless. There will not be any corrosion problems.

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Am sat at my desk looking at 8 big heads, if someone wants them please pm me. Free to a good 'Seven' Home




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