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2002 Birkin S3 for Sale

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Offered for sale: 2002 Birkin S3.

I purchased this car as a roller from a fellow member in December 2009. Over the past 2 years, I’ve endeavored to build a fast road car that I could be proud of and enjoy. The car is now complete and is a blast to drive. It has a total of less than 75 shake-down miles. It will need an ecu tune to extract serious power as I’m still running a base-map and have not switched to full closed loop running on the wideband 02 sensor. The car is a 2002 Birkin S3 chassis with live axel. It is fitted with 4 pot outlaw brakes, full interior, Ford 2.0 liter Zetec 3 (18k miles) fitted with Jenvey throttle bodies, Emerald ECU, Tech-edge wideband lambda, and Ford Type 9 5 speed. It has both full windshield and brooklands screen. It has both single roll-bar and full roll bar, clamshell and cycle fenders. I am also including a brand new Quaife LSD (NIB) that I purchased as part of a group buy.


I’m asking $25,500 for the car and all additional items listed:


Brooklands screens, mounting strap and Racetech mirrors

Standard windscreen with spare mounting brackets and Raydot mirror

Full canvas Toneau cover

Birkini top (still in the bag) with hood hoop

2 roll bars (standard black and polished single)

Heater (not installed)

2 center consoles (one mounted and one spare)

Relocated ignition switch with separate ECU power/start button

Jenvy Throttle bodies w/K&N filters

Emerald Mdk3 ECU

Wideband 02 sensor with real time gauge (mounted in center console)

Raceline wet sump

Raceline water rail

Braided stainless fuel lines all the way to the tank

Aero filler cap

Clamshell fenders and brackets (used Caterham items but match well)

The brackets will fit, but slight need modification to account for the birkin front uprights

2 spare fuel pumps (new)

1 spare Birkin starter (new)

2 additional 12volt power sockets installed in center tunnel

Cast alloy Zetec 1 cam cover with Birkin wire cover

MSD wires and distributor

Fidanza adjustable cam gears

Odessy PC 680 battery

Wesco 4 point harnesses for both passenger and driver (passenger is not installed)

DOT retractable seatbelts for both passenger and driver (driver not installed)

Taylor Race Engineering custom annular release bearing

Quaife trans cover with fill hole and vent

Spare belts, cam cover gaskets, hoses, thermostats, filters etc


All receipts in excess of $10k in parts alone, Birkin Build manual, ECU tuning manuals and a lot of things I’m forgetting at the moment. PM if you’d like more pictures or have any questions. I can also be reached at Jason.alford “at”ymail.com.









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Sevenup - I remember someone (I think Folis J.) mentioning that he used the BRG from a 1995 BMW (paint code 312) to match the paint on his Birkin. I've also heard that the Mazda Miata SE BRG is pretty close as well. Just be aware that both BMW and Mazda have a metallic green that was close to BRG but doesn't look nearly as good as the solid BRG. I can't say for sure how close the two paints are to the Birkin color but it's a start. Hope this helps.

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Not to stray too far off topic, Z3's came in a beautiful not metallic brg, DunkleGrun (dark green) II 307, not to be confused with their metallic Oxford green and Boston green. I will either paint the Stalker DunkleGrun or Miata BRG. But I really like that Birkin green best!

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Couple of items I forgot to mention on my listing. The car also has a Fidanza lightweight flywheel and a Spec Stage 3 street clutch/pressure plate. Tony L came by last Sat for a look at the car, so interested parties may wish to contact him for his opinion.





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I dont want to jinx things, but the plan is to replace it with a certain "car" that has 2 less cylinders and 1 less wheel...


and thanks for the compliment. Its not perfect, but I'm very happy with the way its come together.



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Update on the car. Tuning problem solved. Loose injector wire fixed and now the car runs like a scalded cat. Still for sale... I think ('cause it sure is fun to drive).


Thanks 11Budlite for the help!



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Also have to thank Tom C aka 1turbofocus and John C for their patient advice and assistance. The resources on this board never cease to amaze me. If you have a problem or a question, somebody will be there to help.


Thanks and now back to the regularly scheduled program...

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Jason - It was my pleasure to finally meet you and your family, and to help you with your car. I'm glad it was a simple fix. Your car looks even better than when it was sitting in my garage! To anyone interested in this car Jason has spent a lot of time and money to get this car to where it is today. Are you sure you want to sell it now??? :)

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I'm lowering my offer to $23,500 for the car and all extras. Heck, you could buy the car, sell off the LSD, clams, cam cover, Birkini top and probably net have just over $20k invested in a brand new car with less than 100 miles on the clock. Given the current number of cars on offer, the hardest decision for a prospective buyer is which Birkin fits the bill. Kitcats duratec is certainly a beautiful and powerful car to consider.


feel free to PM for more photos or to answer questions.





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