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  1. Thanks Croc, I agree about Jo, she's been very responsive on the other products I purchased from Oxted. She did not respond this time, but both you and John suggested a call, so I'll do that next week. Jim
  2. I am looking for a source for carbon vinyl material to match the pattern in a standard Caterham Carbon vinyl tunnel cover. See here: https://caterhamparts.co.uk/tunnel-tops/6088-tunnel-top-carbon-vinyl-s3-mazda-gearbox.html?search_query=tunnel+covers&results=80 I have contacted Oxted Trimming but have not received a reply. I only need enough to cover a tunnel cover. Does anyone have a suggested source for this material? Thanks, Jim
  3. WOW, what a skill set you have! Thanks for sharing this build with us. Jim
  4. NeoBear, There is an ongoing discussion in the Pacific section, the thread is called Cannot Register in CA! Good luck, Jim
  5. Of course there is always this option: I had custom seats in my two previous S3 Caterhams. At 6'4" and 220 lbs the custom seat was the only practical solution for me in a S3 chassis. I have the leather seats in my new 420r SV.
  6. Vlad, Although currently Caterham will only sell kits with brand new engines, at the time your car was built most buyers (or regional Caterham dealers) sourced used Zetec engines. Then the "third party" (required for legality in US) often massaged the engine. One particular builder hand stamped the block with a unique alpha numeric code. Before the 420R, I owned a 2004 Caterham with a Zetec engine; it was hand stamped with the 8 digit, alpha numeric code; for example # XXXX ###. I was able to learn my engine was ... "a 202hp setup with the TWM manifold, Pectel engine managemen
  7. Hi, If anyone is building an SV chassis, with lowered floors, AND has not yet installed the console cover, I would really appreciate it if you could measure the distance from the floor to the top of the chassis frame where the e-brake is installed. I am considering a custom console cover that would be as low as possible. Thanks, Jim
  8. Yes Thanks. Am I correct to assume you ordered: RAM® Tough-Claw™ Small Clamp Base with Ball B SIZE: Part#: RAP-B-400U UPC: 793442943539 RAM® Double Socket Arm B SIZE B Part#: RAM-B-201U-A UPC: 793442002649 RAM® X-Grip® Large Phone Holder with Ball B SIZE Part#: RAM-HOL-UN10BU UPC: 793442940873
  9. is there supposed to be a picture attached?
  10. When Josh Robins built mt 420R SV, he used the kits from Premier Paint Guard in the UK. https://premierpaintguard.com/
  11. It's a little early in Iceland isn't it?
  12. Let's see if Croc wants to comment on his experience, but Josh Robbins and I decided to skip the CF stone guards that came with my 420R and just applied the clear film. So far, so good.
  13. I have a real, Superlight badge for a Superlight Jon Nelson built in the early 2000's; i believe the badge number is only double digits. The car was built with a stock Zetec (147 hp as I recall). My car was the prototype for CA smog approval at the time. We eventually failed in that effort and the car was registered in OR. I still have the badge, but sold the car in 2005. I'll check the number of the badge in September when I am home, but I don't think it says Seven America, but my memory isn't what it used to be.
  14. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2012-stalker-v8/
  15. Kurt, Is the 7 staying on the Big Island? Jim
  16. 924s, Respectfully, the ad Ebay ad clearly states: "For Sale Lotus 7 Replica ..."; most of our cars are not real Lotus 7. Would you please stop beating this drum about Lotus vs Caterham vs others. Anyone who is serious about buying a 7 (of any brand) knows the score. Again, respectfully, Jim
  17. Here's the installation video, but it does not show the lights in operation
  18. There's a recent update to an old thread on BlatChat about this subject: https://www.lotus7.club/forum/techtalk/draft-reducer
  19. Kurt, Have you sold your 7? I'm sorry I never got the chance to stop by to see it, although I did see you driving it on the Queens Highway a few days after you listed it for sale. My wife and I both contracted Covid last Winter, which prevented any social interaction. We've since sold the Big Island home and returned to So UT. Croc can correct me, but in most cases the number on the frame is NOT a VIN, in most cases the individual states assign their own VIN. For example, my second Caterham was originally licensed in New Hampshire, the VIN was NH followed by 6 digits. In the c
  20. how much lightness did you add with the removal of complete wiper assembly?
  21. Hi Tom, You don't say where in CA you live, but as Orange max said there are two dealers in CA. Rich Kamp is an expert in registering these cars in CA. He sold my previous Caterham, on consignment, to someone in the Bay Area; the car was originally built back East. I took a while to get all the steps done correctly but I know he succeeded. Give him a call. Jim
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