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  1. Welcome, Contact Tom Carlin at tcarlin@colorado.net, the rest of his info is on his web site: https://birkindirect-usa.com/ Good luck, Jim
  2. This is the product I have used for three of my Caterhams, because it is intended for long term wheel chair seat cushions, it is very comfortable with many choices for firmness. It is likely heavier than the bead seats Croc references. Additional caveat, I don't track my car so it may not be appropriate for 5/6 way harnesses; https://www.sunmatecushions.com/collections/sunmate-orthopedic-cushions/motorcycle-seat-foam
  3. Attached are examples of squab type seat cushions. The yellow car is my former S3, with no back cushion, the green ones are my current SV (with lowered floors), using the leather seat back
  4. This is the UK configurator, it does NOT reflect USA prices, but it shows most of the options and get the price in the ball park. https://www.caterhamcars.com/en/configurator
  5. As a further indication that it is tight quarters under that cover …. I noticed last week that the two bolts had vibrated loose from the cover. I removed the cover and noticed a gray dust like substance on the second coil form the top (in picture). It easily rubbed off and did not appear on any of the other coils. I texted Josh Robbins, he quickly looked at his own new car and established the gray material was from the label on the inside of the cover. In the second picture of my cover you can even see the impression from the screw. Not much clearance there.
  6. Hi, Two more question:" 1) Does the "Current replacement cost is over $64,000" include current shipping costs from the UK? 2) Does that price also include the cost to have Kuter Racing assemble the kit? Thanks
  7. I haven't driven the sadev myself, but people I trust say it really only makes sense if you're a track rat. If you use the car only on the street, as I do, "they" say the standard transmission makes more sense.
  8. I've saw this car several times while it was under construction. It really is a cost no object vision of one person's dream 7.
  9. Last Summer I drove the portion from Mountain Dell Reservoir to Henefer and back. It's a great road except the pavement in Salt Lake County is pretty rough, it got better once you cross over into the adjacent county. Although it's probably not a problem in the C8, especially if you ordered the mag ride suspension.
  10. That is my car! My wife and I are spending July and August in PC, to get out of the heat of So UT and also so I can drive the 7 over all the fun mountain passes. In fact I just got back from the route shown below: Many people think of UT highways like the Interstate 80 and 15, but the Alpine passes are fantastic for driving; many are closed in the Winter so the tarmac doesn't get destroyed by frequent plowing.
  11. I have a 2020 420R, it just rolled over 4kmiles on the odometer. When Josh Robbins built my car he added truck bed liner on the underside of the painted fiberglass wings, he also added PPF to the top of the wings (and other areas). The CF stone guards remain on a shelf in my garage. I had unpainted CF wings on previous Caterhams and was dissatisfied at how quickly the CF was damaged by exposure to UV. So far no indication of spider cracks. My car is used only on the road.
  12. Just went live on BAT, no reserve https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1997-caterham-super-seven-2/
  13. This JAL umbrella was a prototype product Doug Taylor of JAL was considering. He has not yet offered it for sale. Jim
  14. When I used State Farm, they carries the Caterham policy themselves
  15. May be familiar to some, but I have never seen this before" https://silodrome.com/caterham-csr-gt/
  16. John, I agree, it’s a great sound, but speeds seems quite irresponsible given narrowness and mix of cars and bicycles
  17. I would do my best to avoid any solution that requires paint blending. I know from experience that it can be difficult to match CC paint jobs. My car is Hyper Green and it has proven impossible to accurately match here.
  18. Mike , Do you have any idea on the approximate cost for the 2L sight glass shown in your picture above? I wrote to Premier Power about it, but did not get a response. Thanks, Jim
  19. regarding the fender mounting ... I 'm probably this guy: I've heard an anecdote about road use in Utah, possibly caused by HUGE temperature swings my fiberglass front right fender blew off at about 65-70 mph on a 70 degree Summer day . The car was built by Josh Robbins, so I'm pretty sure the fender was glued properly. The best guess was the glue could not stand up the the temperature swings between 110 degrees is Summer to below freezing in Winter (my garage does not HVAC). The fenders are now screwed on.
  20. Hi Mike, I use two products from here: https://www.sunmatecushions.com/pages/liquid-sunmate-foam-in-place-seating I use a sheet of Sunmate foam as the seat base and then, use the liquid sunmate for the seat. This one was more complicated because I wanted to retain the seat adjustment hardware and the seat back. I then took it to a local upholstery shop for finishing.
  21. I finished my new foam in place seat cushion and went on a short blat this afternoon; the seat is a big improvement for me. The goal of the new seat was to increase thigh support while allowing the seat to be easily interchangeable with the standard S seat cushion. In my S3 cars, I simply removed the entire seat and foamed the seat directly into the tub. Because the S3 was shorter than the SV, I did not use a rear seat cushion at all, just a foam pad made of the same material as the foam in place seat. This time I wanted to be able to retain the S seat back cushion.
  22. Retired now, but semiconductor material and equipment sales executive most of my career. Started our as an entry level material sales person and worked my way up to global level Sr. VP and regional President. It offered my great money and the chance to live in Japan, but at the cost of very, very poor work/life balance. The last 10 years I was away from home 200 days/year and had to be available by phone/email 7 X 24. I don't miss it a bit.
  23. Knifey, If you're looking for a license plate bracket, you might check with Josh Robbins. Here's the bracket he delivered with my car. At the time, he only had a few more, not sure if he produced another batch or not.
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