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1998 Birkin S3, well sorted and major updates - SOLD

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Yellow Birkin S3 built in 1998, $25k obo, constantly updated, well sorted, easy to drive, RELIABLE, 2 liter Zetec, T9 5 speed transmission.

Odometer now shows 64xx miles, it had 2164 when I took delivery on July 5th 2014. With slipping clutch (as described by previous owner), excessive rake and shocks set to maximum stiffness, I can see why nobody drove it much! With the clutch slave cylinder bled, rear shock pre-load and damping reduced it now rides comfortably and handles magnificently. Firmware update for ECU and tuning made the engine start instantly and run strong. Cold air intake brought more top end power and smoother running yet. Front facing intake rig now installed, rear facing rig included. Raceline water rail, Stewart Manufacturing electric water pump and controller, electric fan, East Coast Alternator 6 pound 2025 UltraMini 55 amp installed 2018. 2 Ford reprogrammed ECUs, 2 PCM and ignition modules included. Engine believed to be Series 3 because it has aluminum and steel sump, offset water pump, and horizontal oil filter. Fresh Ford plug wires, T9 standard ratio transmission flushed and fresh Redline gear lube 2020

Easily removable headlights with integral turn signals make aiming easier, includes new and used chrome buckets. Old style front turn signals and fender signals included.

New, non-tinted windshield 2020 Spare windshield mounts could be used for a polycarbonate, shortened windshield.


Wide track front end, installed Spring of 2019, has all new A-arms, ball joints, stub axles, steering arms, brake rotors and 4 piston Wilwood calipers, Wilwood .75” brake master cylinders, fender stays, working fenders and new front fenders. The new front end is quick and easy to align (street and track alignments now practical) and improves handling with 2” wider track than original.

Jaz 15 position, single adjustable coil over shocks, corner weighted for 190 lb driver and half tank of gas.

15lb Braille battery

2 quart Accusump with electric pressure sensing valve, braided line in passenger compartment, aluminum rack mount for easy installation and removal in passenger seat area.


Shortened fiberglass seats, reinforced driver's seat, OEM upholstered and light weight aluminum rear interior panels, 3 point belts installed, 5 or 6 point driver belts included, Hella battery cut off switch.

Heater/fan unit, all interior panels, carpet, insulation, seat adjusting rails, and OEM external mirrors are included.

Mini 7 four panel wink mirror with left and right side blind spot mirrors mitigates need for external mirrors


Shown with 4 silver Enkei RPF1 wheels with 2015 195-50-15 Dunlop Direzza Sport ZII Star Spec tires.

2019 Bridgestone 195-50-15 RE71R tires on Black Enkei RPF1s with Black 948 Racing wheels (slightly wider front and rear track)

Rear track variable from 52-56” (63" edge to edge) with included spacers and wheel selection.

Quaife limited slip installed spring of 2017.


Tall (broomstick test) 5 point track day roll bar has removable SFI padded Petty bar. The bikini top and doors work with both roll bars. Tonneau cover works with street and track roll bars sans Petty bar. For track events, I mount the Accusump rack where the passenger seat goes. OEM top works with the OEM roll bar now installed. All weather gear in excellent condition. Caterham clear and Birkin tinted wind wings.


OEM 11 gallon tank. 3 piece trunk liner allows easy removal for changing roll bars, damper adjustment, rear axle maintenance. Driveshaft safety hoops. braided stainless DOT approved brake lines, braided fuel and oil pressure gauge and Accusump lines. Lightweight stainless steel Magnaflow side exit muffler (clears chassis dyno, saves 6 lbs.) and quieter, stock rear exit stainless steel muffler, heat shield and pipes.


Lightweight fiberglass boot cover, spare tire rack, license plate light, some special tools, spare clutch, oil cooler included.


Maintenance notes, Birkin build manual, Escort 4000pg factory pdf, T9 transmission manual, note book setup notes, measurements, Zetec and other info, bracket and panel templates, prototype rear compartment bottom panel.







Instrument through wheel_3019.jpg

instrments from passenger side_3010a.jpg

seats from LS_3024.jpg

seats RS_3027.jpg

Tonneau&boot covers w extmirrors.jpg

Jim&Birkin, PikesPeak copy2.jpg


Engine comp_3021 copy.jpg

CarguyBirkin_cold air.jpg





alternate exhaust_3033.jpg


BIrkin_carguy1315_Birkin RRobl.jpg




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I went to take a test drive of this car about a week ago and I wanted

to pass on my notes.


TLDR: Great car, if I was a Colorado resident I probably would have

bought it but titling in California in the time of Covid is tricky and

I have a fun car to tide me over.



I was interested in this car to replace my Locost with a 1600 xflow.

The chassis in my car is running out of reasonable upgradeability and

jumping to a new chassis before any more power or handling upgrades

make much sense. I’ve also taken rides in a Superlite R400 and a 1700

xflow although I have not driven either.



The car has tons of power that is accessible over a wide RPM band, I

was held back by road limits from ever getting out of 3rd gear but it

was smooth and quick to rev up at all times.



Much more comfortable ride than either my Locost or the R400.

Personally I like the stiffer ride and sparser cockpit but it was nice

to not have my organs bouncing around too much. The seats had tons of

side - to - side support and at 5’9 the car was plenty big enough. I

really enjoyed the clear view of the driver’s side front wheel and I

knew exactly where the car was at all times. Both my Locost and the

R400 have aeroscreens which I really like, but the wind deflectors on

the windscreen really helped make the airflow more comfortable. In

the 1700 xflow I've been in without wind deflectors the airflow could

whip around the windscreen and apply uncomfortable pressure to the

outside ear, which was not the case here. Seller made it clear that it

would be easy to tighten up the shocks for track use or if you prefer

a little stiffer of a ride. The exhaust makes it nice and warm

without requiring a heater, but was never uncomfortably hot. The

braking was much stiffer than I am used to, because I’m a bit shorter

than the seller I was using a foam block to be in a comfortable

sitting position and I couldn’t easily apply as much force as I would

have preferred, but it’s reasonably straightforward to adjust the

pedal box or potentially move the seat forward. Previously the seat

was on adjustable rails but it is in a fixed position now.



The car is in great shape, sensible upgrades have been made, using

existing mounting holes wherever possible. Seller showed some track

upgrades that come with the car that I was especially interested in as

I have not been confident to take my Locost to the track and I would

like to, but I don’t know enough about them to evaluate. It is much

easier to get to components in the car to do repairs or upgrades, the

Locost I drive has a one-piece fiberglass body and a removable bonnet

but access is terrible outside of the engine bay. This car has

removable body panels with access to the engine area, area behind the

dashboard, sub-trunk area, etc.

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Try to PM me, I think that works. Or accept PMs to you. Everything listed is included, might be a few more things, everything I’ve collected for this car goes with it.



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk



For some reason I don't have the option to PM


I understand, I'm trying to figure out how to get everything else to Florida, the car is easy.

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I am happy to say I am the new owner of this Birkin as it is on a truck headed to Massachusetts. The car was exactly as the owner Jim described it and isvery well sorted. Jim was very accommodating and pleasure to deal with.

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I am happy to say I am the new owner of this Birkin as it is on a truck headed to Massachusetts. The car was exactly as the owner Jim described it and isvery well sorted. Jim was very accommodating and pleasure to deal with.


Congratulations, it's a really nice car and Jim did a great job of sorting it out.


Enjoy the ride.


Bill S.

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As yet another Zetec powered se7en owner, welcome. I just had mine tuned and it made 152 hp, 140 lbs torque at the rear wheels on a "conservative" chassis dyno. Relatively flat curves as well.


It feels very fast, even though it is not as powerful as current Duratec powered se7ens. Mine is the SVT version, which I believe was only made from 2002-2004. So likely yours is the earlier version which could make similar power with various mods.


It will be a challenge for you to match the prior owner's accumulation of 60+K miles. What a die hard. Higher mileage se7ens always seem to have fewer problems as they are so well sorted. Enjoy your new ride!

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I am in Needham which is eastern MA. I did travel to test drive it and found power to be excellent yet very drivable. BTW the car has 6800 miles not 60k. Looking forward to the spring when I can drive it. Glad to Seven owner.

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I am in Needham which is eastern MA. I did travel to test drive it and found power to be excellent yet very drivable. BTW the car has 6800 miles not 60k. Looking forward to the spring when I can drive it. Glad to Seven owner.


We are 2.5 hours apart.


With more and more active NE owners and pending pandemic resolution I'd look forward to some kind of meet, cruise or joining others in an bigger event.

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