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Avon Tyres has been bought by Nova Motorsport, UK

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Great news I think. Avon Racing Tyres, UK was bought out by a private company, Nova Motorsport, UK that was formed in August 2023 and they likely plan to use molds they must have purchased from Goodyear/Avon/Cooper and plan to manufacture tires that were formerly made by Avon. They developed the name Nova by reversing the letters of the original company's name and added Motorsport. If you go to their website, they just state to stand by and they will have news down the road so to speak. You can leave them your email and be on their mailing list for updates. This is great news for lots of us who really like Avon tires ( and slicks). I use them on my Stalker AXR and the A11 compound works well for me and I plan to get more tires when they start producing them. Thankfully, I was able to obtain some of the last available slicks in the sizes I needed for the Stalker and will be putting the new set on my car likely midway through this next autocross season. The front tires wear x2 faster than the rears so I had recently put on a partially used set of fronts and they should wear out about the same time as my rear tires.

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  • Anaximander changed the title to Avon Tyres has been bought by Nova Motorsports, UK
  • Anaximander changed the title to Avon Tyres has been bought by Nova Motorsport, UK
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Looks like the sale of Avon's assets happened a few weeks ago to Nova, time is money now so cross fingers things should move quickly.

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I found this on the internet but can't find much on the Portuguese company trading a NOVA Motorsports.

" Goodyear executives have confirmed that Turbalvoroco Unipessoal LDA, trading as Nova Motorsport (Nova), will buy “certain assets used in the manufacturing and sale of” Avon-branded motorsport tyres. Nova has also acquired “the brand license, traditionally used in the manufacturing and sale of certain motorsport tyres under the names ‘Avon Motorsport’ and ‘Avon Racing’”. Tyres & Accessories understands that Nova plans to continue the production of some of the Avon Motorsport product range independently from Goodyear."

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I was told, by a prospective dealer, over the weekend that when the new folks looked at the equipment and molds, they determined that the stuff was so old and outdated that moving it would ruin most of it


if true, it's probably game over

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Today I got an email from NOVA Motorsports that the parent company purchased a Portugues tire manufacturer called Camac. Camac is a small specialty tire manufacturer, much like Avon. They make a lot of tires for classic cars. Coker Tire sells their stuff. They either do or have made Rally tires. They said in the email that they were working to get important Avon employees, so we will have to see what happens.    

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