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Stalker #85 headed back to Arkansas

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It makes sense now. I read the post After I woke up from my after-work-pre-night class nap. I had to read it a few times.


LOL!!! And just when you have me convinced otherwise. :smilielol5:


. . . . . . :cheers:

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Hey, Mike. Murphy's flying me plenty; just not much else to do in Eldo if you don't hunt or fish. :D. However, baseball season is kicking off, so I'll be knee-deep in the middle of that with my son.

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After reviewing some on-track video of #85 (and having some discussion with other Stalker owners on the Stalker forum), extreme hood venting (for lack of a better term) was taking place once well into the triple digits. Air being forced into the front of the scoop at high speed was building under-hood pressure faster than the air could evacuate (of course, this is all theory and will have to proven on the track ). My resolve for the issue is a mixture of one old NACA duct (modified and reversed), one set of fender louvers originally designed for a 1987 Buick GNX (you guys remember those, right?) and a small piece of 8x8 spec aluminum wire mesh from McMaster-Carr (not yet installed):





. . . . . :smash:


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Dressing up the brick. :smash: A few more mods (sans a good test hop) for the Storker Suave Special.


A couple more hood mods; closed up the hood scoop and added a dual NACA duct:






Gurney Flaps . . . . we'll see:




And finally, something that is actually from the UK for my NAPA nurtured Neanderthal, an aero screen:




. . . . . :deadhorse:




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Hey Shane, how about adding a few real bricks to get the center of gravity lower. A couple dozen should do the trick. :seeya::smilielol5::jester:






Just for you, pal. :smilielol5:


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