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MightyMike's Stalker V8

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Mike I haven't been here for a while with the move to OZ and settling in, how you keeping ??, I have to say though your Stalker is looking great really looking forward to seeing this go through its build and seeing it go once its finished :).

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Thanks for the compliments everyone.


Keith - my favorite Stalker belongs to HOTTTCAR.


Pictures do not do Hotttcar justice. You have to see it in person (and hear it). Russ

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Just finished looking through your build file on the Stalker Gallery! Beautiful build and excellent quality! Please post a link so others can view! :hurray::cheers:



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I've spent the past couple of weeks cleaning up the engine area of my car. I relocated the coil packs down low and sorted out a bunch of hoses and such. I also replaced the aluminum "firewall". I have a new engine wiring harness on the way. It is custom fitted and has a shrink-wrapped covering instead of corrugated loom.



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Quite a build Mike. I wish you were closer. I'd really like to gawk in person!


Who is building your new harness?


Could I get a shot of your engine compartment from the sides?


I'm trying to figure out my layout. Though, I know mine will not be as clean due to the bulky power booster.

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My harness is being built by Easy Performance. I first learned of this company at SEMA in November. The entire harness will be custom tailored for my Stalker.









I still have a lot of work to do on the car. As summer was slipping away last year, I took a few shortcuts that I am now trying to correct. Besides the wiring, I plan to get my headers/exhaust ceramic coated in the near future. I also ordered a new pair of rear fenders as I do not like the fenders supplied by Brunton.

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Thank you. Great execution on this build!


Mine will not be as clean. More of a down and dirty racer I guess...


One of the main things I was looking at was your throttle pedal set up. There is a lot of spring tension on the GM pedal I have. Enough I worry the shelf may flex. Did you so anything special there, or am I over-thinking it?


I also just noticed your 90s on the heater ports of the water pump going to the surge tank. What is the idea there? I was told to simply block off the heater hose ports. My cooling system will be slightly different, though.

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