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MightyMike's Stalker V8

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I've been tucked away in my garage for the past couple of months working on my Stalker V8. It's coming along nicely. I'm a few wires away from finishing up my wiring and just a couple coolant hoses away from adding antifreeze.


Purchased kit as a roller...



Last weekend...



Speedhut gauges and billet aluminum push button switches for the dash.



Side panels were hydro-dipped with a silver carbon fiber look, then liquid clear-bra was applied...



Fiberglass pieces will be painted Lotus Chrome Orange. Tillett B5 seats are en-route from the UK.

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Please let me know what your think of the Tillett B-5 seats after the arrive, and you try them.


I'm thinking of one for the passenger seat in my eventual Miata-LS conversion, and a full-bucket Tillett B-6F for the driver's side.



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I think if you can find some 225 drag radials you'd be shocked at how much a properly spec'd tire can do. If 1000+ lbs heavier the larger tire might prove quicker. I just cannot imagine this little car being able to generate enough heat to make work on the street, esp Sep through May.


I am running the 225 BFG drag radial dot approved. They are plenty stiff, provide great feedbacks, heat evenly and quickly at 15-20 psi. The only drawback, aside from the odd truck bolt pattern American Racing boat anchor wheels, are the limited sizes offered.


I had to re-learn the whole tire economics game.

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Your "last weekend" photo rocks. My new favorite, big toy next to kid toy. I might have to order some new front wings if you can report on how stable they are at speed. Mine flop around like mad at 60. Your garage ad car too clean though.... Mine already looks sand blasted and worn and only 647 miles on the odo.


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