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Caterham 2009 SV Cosworth/Sadev FS

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I have come to the point where I need to explore selling my beloved Caterham to fund a new business venture (Whiskey Distillery). At this point I'm not desperate to part with it, but I promised the wife I would not dip into the retirement/savings for startup funds.


So, here is what I have.


2009 Caterham SV (Built by Caterham USA in late 2010)

About 5,000 miles, perhaps 2,000 track miles.



- Cosworth/Duratec 2.3L (267 HP at the wheels)

- 13:1 Compression (yes race gas)

- SBD Hot Cams

- SBD Light Weight Flywheel

- SBD Race Clutch

- MBE 9A4 Open ECU

- Carbon Fiber Cam Cover

- Race Radiator



- Sedev Sequential Transmission

- Geartronics Paddle Shift Kit



- ATL Fuel Cell

- Schroth Belts

- Tillett Carbon Fiber Seats

- Full Roll Cage

- Lowered Floors



- Nitron 3-Way Dampers with Helper Springs


Wheels (three full sets)

- BBS w/ Michelin Used Slicks (three sets), Black Anodized Barrels

- Rial w/ Avon CR500s, Painted Black and Orange

- Rial w/ Michelin Used Rain Slicks (90% new)



- AIM Smartycam GP

- AIM Solo DL

- Stack Analog Gauges (Speedo, Tach, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Oil Temp, Fuel

- Transponder

- Xenon Headlights


Carbon Goodies

- 5" Headlamps

- Air Scoop

- Rear Wing Guards

- CF Nose with Spoiler

- Aero Screen

- Aero Wings



- Orange Fiberglass Rear Wings

- Orange Fiberglass Nose

- CF Front Wings and extra Wingstays

- Brake Rotors, Calipers and Pads

- Front Uprights/hubs

- Windscreen (Rock Chip)

- Horn


What's not there to save weight

- Horn

- Windshield Wipers

- Ignition Key Switch


If you are looking for a track Caterham this is just the ticket. Porsche GT-3s will hate you, even on the straights.


There are always a few bugs to work out, but the car is ready for the track. You may know the car was in a crash back in 2011 at Lime Rock CT. Every part that was in question was replaced with new, including a completely new Chassis Body Unit. The mechanic who rebuilt it took great care to make sure it was put back together better than new.


I'll work on taking some detailed pictures, but here are a few to get you started.


I am asking 70K but willing to talk to anyone. As you may have guessed, I have about 110K into the car, maybe more, but please don't tell my wife...


Willing to make a good deal to a buyer on a 16" Featherlite trailer chock full of RB Components cabinets, a winch, solar panels and more...


I am not in a rush to sell it so I can still drive at the East Coast 7's event!











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If your booze is as wonderful as your car, ya got a winner! I will take a 1/5th of the gin and of the rye:). Also, best of luck w/selling your peerless Cat, someone will be getting a car from the top of the Caterham food chain.

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Great writeup on your new enterprise. I'm looking forward to purchasing a bottle of your bourbon when it is ready. Will you be able to ship it to another state?

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So I asked my wife if she would like the one on the right....No Thanks... Nice try....




Those two look great together . . . . tell the wife see can drive it . . . . . . . every now and then. :D

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Cool street rod, but just imagine the oil a Caterham would be leaking on customers below. Even completely drained, it would find a way.




I took the photo at the convenience store just outside the main entry to MSR Cresson. During my last track day, I went in to pay for gas and the car was gone; either leaking oil or needing to be driven. Or maybe the owner needed a fix. :cheers:

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