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Its HERE!!:hurray: :hurray:


Finally..we recieved the 7 this morning at 9:00 am. The carrier was actually a day early.

The first thing that shocked us was the (insert colorful metaphor here) owner, had not put on the Top or even the tonnau!:shocked:.

The car is absoultly filthy inside and out. We figure it went through a dust storm moments before the rainstorm.

needless to say step 1 will be giving her a big bubble bath:thumbs:

As well before she hits the road the list needs addressed and we found a few other items as we looked her over.


This car was mostly built for the owner as he was one of those that was probably dangerous with a wrench.

besides the things needing fixed, and the filth she seems like brand new! We will know more when we start cleaning her up.

and we are now official 7 owners!

We will post some further pic's but heres a few to get things started.http://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/upload/2133066282_BnY S3 LF.JPGhttp://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/upload/1576928086_BnY S3 DSC.JPGhttp://www.usa7s.com/aspnetforum/upload/1498404096_BnY S3 EC Exh.JPG

These pictures are actually the ones we recieved when we bought it so she's gonna claen up nice we think.

She's very "stock" but as time goes on, and budget allows it will become the Southwind 7

More fun details and dozens of questions to come.

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The red wheels were our photoshop experiment. it will eventually get some red panasports...but thats way down the list at the moment.

The car came with a pair of new K&N filters. We will put them on before she see's the road.

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Step #1 done!

had friends over for a bathe the 7 party...and what a diffrence!

She cleaned up real well and now it's time to start on the fix list.

Got the seat fixed in a jiffy now onto other items.

Also ordered some of that "top of the line" polish for her brightwork. Hopefully we will get her to a mirror finish or at least darn nice.

Does anyone in NEohio have a suggestion where i could get the corner weighting done? or perhaps the equipment i can use?



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I am shocked at how nice it looks-I fully expected a banged-up POS. But, its sooo pretty!


It was nice that the prior owner left the top off allowing the car to come to you-pre-baptised:). (But what a fecking E-jet!!!).


Ownership will seem anti-climatic after the whole purchase drama. I look forward to further reports of progress/discovery. And, more pictures.

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The most safety critical item would be to look which version of front ball joints you got. With 1999 I believe you are safe but there was a certain time they were made with weak ball joint bolts. Can you post a close-up picture for the ball joints or measure the bolt diameter?


For such questions I highly recommend the Birkinowners Yahoo group. There are many folks with detail knowledge who don't post here.



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Congrats! I remember seeing that car years back and it was a real cutie. I'm sure you will enjoy it.


Do have a look at the lower ball joints. As Gert pointed out, they are potential safety issue. Please do join the Birkin Owner's group at Yahoo - http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/birkinowners/ - if you haven't yet. There is a posting in the "photos" area by Carlos Fenney that shows the replacement of the lower ball joints with spherical joints.


Dick Brink now has new lower arms from Birkin with a spherical joint and a better design. Alternatively, you can send your lower arms to Woody Harris at Motoring Specialists in Vacaville, CA and he can add some reinforcements to the arms and convert them to spherical joints. I did this and am very happy with the result.


The setting of the ride height in the front is critical. The spec is 294 mm between the centers of the front shock eyes. This allows enough travel to prevent frequent bottoming of the suspension which will bend the arms.


Anyhoo, enjoy your Se7en!!!


Best regards,


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Air filter comment certainly valid, but might err on the side of more caution, if car was as dirty as it sounds.

Pull the air horns and look deep in the intake runners, and if dirty, think about pulling the head for a thorough cleaning.

Sounds like a lot of work-for-maybe-nothing, but pales in light of sand-in-the-cylinders.

Enjoy eventually.

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We joined the birkin group.

will look closely at the lower ball joints and try to either post a pic, or try and figure out if they are the bad ones or not.

thanks for everything guys, this all really helps.


I believe my Birkin was built near that same time. What's your chassis number?








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