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The Regular Summary of Classified Ads of Se7ens Found For Sale


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That's certainly different. :rofl: I'd like to take a closer look at the car. In one of the photos, the upper A-arm looks to be bent rearward. :ack:



Visual aids :svengo:




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That's certainly different. :rofl: I'd like to take a closer look at the car. In one of the photos, the upper A-arm looks to be bent rearward. :ack:


A search of the internet turns up the following verbiage when it was for sale in Moorpark, California, last year (off a .FR based classified site no less):


2011 V8 Lotus 7 Replica with exclusive fenders!

modeled after a 1972 lotus. All hand built!




Completely street legal!!





This is not a car for every one. This is a very stiff drivers car. Its pretty much like driving a motorcycle, you need to be aware of your surroundings kind of thing. You need to be very interested in being a driver to drive this car to drive it normally. This is not recommended as a daily driver.... unless you have the spine of Hercules.



This is raw power and a raw car, you get feed back from everything. No computers trying to tell you what to do... just you and the road.



now on to the details...



SPCNS SB100. Only 500 of these kinds of cars are registered a year. Its very difficult to get these replicas STREET Legal! Custom square frame.

Weight is about 2000 pounds wet.






302 V8 built Small block Ford

rougly to 1200 miles on car. (recorded 550 speedometer mileage not accurate speedometer cable broke but drove about 600 miles after it broke)

Edlebrock 4 barrel carburetor

Rpm alluminum Intake manifold

Custom exhaust and headers ( Heat Wrapped)

Blower Pulley aluminum

Full Custom Aluminum Valve covers

Accel spark plug wires

stock distributer

new battery ( rear mounted for better distribution)

Drive Gears ( Have a brand new set of regular chain drive gears and chain)

Extra Valve cover gasket and water pump gasket

Full custom tig welded aluminium Radiator

Secondary radiator for better cooling

Edlebrock air cleaner

new v belts ( I would switch to flat belts... v belts are dumb )

new alternator

has power steering and power brakes

Wilwood master cylinder

Wilwood slave cylinder

Stock brakes from 84 mustang gt







Recaro Faux seats

5 point locking harness

lotus shift knob

Auto meter gauges ( fuel, rpm, tach, oil pressure, voltage, temp)

carbon wrapped dash, steering column, and emergency brake trim

vinyl center console

carpeted floors

4 point roll cage

12 gallon full custom aluminum fuel cell

autometer fuel sender

plexi glass front custom windshield

plexi glass rear windscreen

Custom vinyl doors that are completely removable with windows






Fully custom LeMans designed fenders only one in the world like this ( plasti dipped in black, can peel them off and have a smoother black underneath)

They are made of steel and are solid, you can stand on them!

Forte 17x7 wheels with good tires

Full custom and removable front clam hood with custom vents and hood scoop

vinyl trunk covers

rear tow hook

Front custom carbon wrapped splitter

Custom Rear Diffuser

rear carbon wrapped fenders

LED tail lights

Harley Davidson Headlights

custom turn signals





Showa Full adjustable coil-overs ( height, dampening, rebound)

adjustable links

custom made pretty much everything. ( control arms, a arms, etc)

Mustang disc brakes front, Drums rear

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I don't know how everyone else feels, but I really like the look with the extra body panels in the car posted above. I know, I know it's extra weight and not needed, but there must be some benefit to the bodywork as far as aerodynamics besides the interestingly good looks.

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Gauges, rear diffuser, exhaust, and turn signals that are hard to see from any direction other than straight on? Oh and the fuel cap is odd. Is that a just a twist off/on or is it lockable?

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I thought I posted this previously but was obviously having a senior moment...


2012 Caterham R300 with 5 miles on the clock at Chariots of Palm Beach at $50k (rounded up)




While this is a Bentley and Morgan dealer and a very strange place to see a Caterham, I acquired my 2004 yellow Caterham SV roadsport through them in 2008. They are excellent to deal with, very reasonable in negotiations and very efficient. I would happily deal with them again. They are right next to Palm Beach FL airport so easy in and out. I have no affiliation or background on this particular Caterham though.

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its actually fairly common to have kits sitting around unbuilt. I know where there is a 2006 kit still in its crate. 2012 kit maybe sold late 2013 and only finished building in 2014 - not unreasonable.

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