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The Regular Summary of Classified Ads of Se7ens Found For Sale


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For the heavyweights, here is a Stalker in Florida $32500

Brunton Super Stalker

Built Spring 2011

Florida titled as 1962 Lotus 7

Pontiac 2006 L32 engine w/20K miles

GM Tremec T5

GM 3.42 Torsen rear end

270+ HP 290+Torque

Less than 1500 pounds

Excellent Autocross car-Easy to drive fast

New 1/2013 TOYO R1R tires

No junk parts used.

Well sorted and Reliable.

6000 total miles.



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For the historical buffs here is a 1958 Lotus 7 for $25000.

Not quite sure what to make of the chassis modifications at the rear or even the chassis numbering. Love the ali nosecone.


1958 Lotus 7 open wheel racer



Model: Lotus 7 Series 1

R or L Hand Drive: Right

Chassis No: None

Reg. No: None

Frame No: L5641763

Years Owned by you: 15+

Last Owner: Deceased



Engine Type: Austin

Engine Capacity: ? 1200 Head

Engine No: 9C-U-H 42454

Carb(s) Type: SU

Carb. No(s): 2

G/Box Type: Austin 1275

Axle Type: Lotus IRS A26 R004

Axle Ratio: Not Known

Body Colour: Aluminium -- Not Painted

Wheels Type: Wire Knock-Off Spoke 13" Front 15" Rear

Wings Type: None



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Found in San Francisco

2003 Caterham R500 with a Minster K series engine. $50500 And here I was thinking that there would be only 1 person in this country silly enough to want a cheese block engine...there are actually 2! Gorgeous spec car though.




Some of us actually prefer lightness and the Rover K series is definitely light. Maybe due to the cheese holes. :smilielol5: I've spoken with the owner in the past. Definitely a true R500 K from England. That's two of us with Ks that I know of. :driving: Tom


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2003 Birkin $20800


Made in South Africa this is one of the highest quality Super 7 Replicas you can buy.

2003 Ford Focus 2.0 EFI Engine with less than 14K miles on it.

Ford T9 5 speed transmission from Quantum Mechanics

Carrera Shocks

Raceline water rail and oil sump.

Emerald ECU

Woody Harris wiring harness.

This car is registered in Calif as a 2006 Birkin - Special Construction Vehicle Calif SB100.

It is exempt from all Calif smog requirements.


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The Divas is kind of a blend of se7en and Cobra. But it works for me.


If I can only have one of the above tho, I will take the Rover engined cat and challenge you Duratec guys in the straight line wars:). (I cant believe YellowSS7 hasnt bought this guy's engine yet).

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Wow. I don't know how much they are asking for it but those tail light and turn signals look like the same cheap-ass plastic socket garbage that they put on the Superformance S-1. I hope that with all the fine engineering that had to have went into that car, that they at least put more than 30 seconds into the choosing of lights.



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I'm pretty sure that Birkin on ebay sat on the market for a while before selling for a good deal less than the current bid.


I question the sellers use of a "protected bidder/private auction" since Ebay masks the identity of bidders these days.



On another note, anyone wonder like I do who's kit this car started life as?



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