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LOG 36 Princeton, NJ - Offical Thread

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Hi everyone, we want to make a big welcome to the USA7's members to attend LOG 36 in Princeton NJ. As some of you know, we have a personal like for 7's and have a number of friends on this forum.


Here is the website: http://www.lotusownersgathering36.com/


Watch to video to get an overview of the area and things to do. We will be updating the site regularly with new information as we move forward.


Our expectation is that this LOG will sell out quickly due to the location. The host hotel has 302 guest rooms, we advise making your reservations early!


Glen & Kyle

LOG 36 Co-Chairman

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Made our hotel reservations Monday.

Had a blast in Colorado Springs, lots of interesting things to do.

The flatlands of NJ will offer a totally different experience!

Should be fun!

Thanks for taking this on Glen and Kyle.

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We are researching the viability of conducting a track day and/or auto cross in conjunction with LOG 36. There are several considerations. The cost of renting a track in the North East is considerable and the number of people that actually commit to a track related event is usually too small to cover costs. The distance to travel to a track worthy of running Lotus are relatively long. And Lotus Limited has run a track day at Watkins Glen for the past two years. If that event is repeated it will be only 1 month prior to LOG.


However, we have a committee established to determine the financial viability of have a track and/or Autocross event and if it is determined to be feasible we will update our web site and a make a public announcement.


Glen & Kyle


LOG 36


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Greetings to all our fellow Lotus owners and enthusiasts!


We are two and a half months away from The Lotus Owners Gathering 36 (LOG36) in Princeton, New Jersey August 5th thru 7th and do we have a great weekend planned for everyone who participates.


The LOG36 planning committee continues to come up with all sorts of creative ideas for this LOG and we are excited about everything we have planned.


A very important date to be aware of is MAY 20th! It's the last day for early registration and you will save $25 for registering now. After a postmark of May 20 it will cost you $125 to register. Don't delay, get your registration in the mail today.


More importantly, early registration has privileges this year. Saturday night banquet seating selection and early entry into Grounds for Sculpture Sunday morning will be based on post mark dates of registration.


Another important consideration is the booking of your hotel rooms. We are very close to selling out Friday and Saturday night and so far we have more than 200 people who are arriving on Thursday night. Looks like LOG36 will have an early start! Don't delay on securing your hotel room at the Princeton Marriott Forrestal.


In case your a late planner or just can't commit, we do have an overflow hotel down the street (Westin Hotel) but remember, registration goes up to $175 after June 17th.


We expect this LOG to have significant participation. You may never see this many Lotus' in one place again!


Keep up to date on all the most recent news and information by checking the LOG36 web site on a regular basis.


Join us, we are looking forward to a wonderful weekend with all our Lotus friends.


Kyle & Glen

LOG36 Co-Chairman


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Apparently there is and exceptionally good bakery and a brew pub in Princeton. That gives two special LOG outings. Now if anyone can suggest pizza or hot dog establishments I will be in double + good heaven.

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I recommend the bakery and brew pub - very happy customer. However, they add spare tires and not lightness! :jester:


For pizza you will be taken care of - there is a good one in town. Don't know about hot dogs but you are in a college town so I am hopeful.


Edit - just remembered there is a hot dog place in the town of New Hope nearby. It also has a really good brew pub and is a top place to walk around (great character, interesting shops, restaurants, etc). Its sister village on the other side of the Delaware (short walk), Lambertville is a nice place to walk around too. A backroads tour is ideal for getting there.

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Nomad Pizza in Hopewell is the best, plus it's a great drive from the hotel on country roads. It's a BYOB place, but there is a liquor store within walking distance for beer and wine. The place fills up early on Friday and Saturday nights. I typically put my name on the wait list when I arrive, and then relax in the garden and have a drink of whatever I brought. Great place and fantastic pizza (not a by the slice place, personal pies are made here).


The best bakeries in Princeton are: Terra Momo Bread Company and Chez Alice Cafe & Bakery.


Best brewery in Princeton is Triumph Brewery on Nassau Street.

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LOG36 – SOONER THAN YOU THINK! August 5th – 7th, 2016

Hello all Lotus owners and enthusiasts,


Are you counting the days until LOG36? We are! The LOG36 committee has a great weekend planned for all the registered participants who will be coming. As a matter of fact, close to 200 LOGers will be checking into our host hotel, The Marriott Princeton Forrestal on Thursday, a full day before LOG36 actually starts! There are still a few (and we mean only a few) rooms available for Friday and Saturday night. Don’t delay your booking.


The second deadline date for Lotus Ltd registration is June 17th to receive the $125 registration fee. After that it goes to $175. Your postmark date is the deciding factor on how much you pay for registration. Remember, you must book your hotel room and register with Lotus Ltd separately.


Speaking of postmark date, the earlier you register the better your seating is for the Saturday night banquet and the early arrival for Grounds for Sculpture on Sunday morning (no moaning that you didn’t get the banquet room seating you wanted or couldn’t arrive early for Sunday mornings event).


We have so many special things planned it will be hard to keep up with everything going on. A couple of insights:


· We will have “special editions” of Riverhorse Beer at LOG36 that features Lotus historic events on the labels. You will want to collect all three types and as well as enjoy this local crafted beer which is only available at the bars during LOG36.

· A very special book is being published by Corterie Press just in time for LOG36. “Dahlstrom: Lotus The Adverts”. It will be signed by its creators and the artist at LOG36. We are sure you will want to purchase several copies of this very limited signed book.

· There will be a swap meet during the Friday night reception. If you have Lotus parts, collectables, clothing, etc. we will provide a table for you to display and sell your items. Contact Foster Cooperstein to register in advance at fjcoop@aol.com

· Volunteers, we still need a few more. The special goodies you will receive as a volunteer will be sought after by everyone else at LOG. Become a LOG Guru! Contact Lee Klauber at mablung@comcast.net


Keep checking the LOG36 website for weekly updates. We can’t wait to see you!


The Road Scholar LOG36 Committee


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The LOG36 Committee once again spent another full Saturday to review all the planning details for LOG36. Did we mention we have so many cool things that are unique to a LOG that you don't want to miss any of it? We have almost 200 people arriving on Thursday......they are arriving a full day early and know something special is going on ;-)

You will note in the photo below that Lou is presenting the fine details of the android and iPod apps that have everything you could ever want to know about LOG36 on them. The release will be right before LOG36, you wont be able to live without the apps!

VOLUNTEERS! We have more than half of the number registered volunteers we need! What are you waiting for? Don't be left out of the highly sought after volunteer crew. Once we have the number of people needed we will be closing out the registered volunteers. They are the only ones who get the very special and limited edition LOG Guru shirts, not to mention special goodie bags filled with swag and the ultra cool volunteer lounge. You can volunteer in 2 hour increments. Don't be left out, contact Lee Klauber . He can get you in ;-)

Did we mention the very limited edition LOG36 River Horse beer that will be available only at LOG36? Wait until you see the specially designed Lotus labels for three different types of beer. We can't wait for you to taste them, collect them and maybe even bring some home. Limited supply, only at LOG36!

Friday and Saturday night at the host hotel, The Marriott Princeton Forrestal is almost sold out. Don't delay for the Lotus event of the year!




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There were a good number of Sevens at LOG's concours today - Tony Vaccaro and I had the only Caterhams, but there were several Lotus Sevens, and even at least one Westfield Seven, as well as a really nice Westfield 11. That's Bill and Cheryl Baldwin, in the 5th picture. They have driven their Lotus Seven to nearly every one of the 22 LOGs I have been to.


--Bob Collum








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Oh look! In the second photo I see Bessie the Seven. She was always a classy lady on this Forum! Sorry Al, I know you hate that name, but I could not resist :p


The red and ali Birkin looks to be Dave H's.

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It was in fact, the very lady.


Fresh off a rebuild of the 1500 pre-crossflow that came with the car among other improvements/remedies. I literally picked it up on Friday from Ragtops & Roadsters, took it off the trailer on Saturday morning and then drove down to the big LOG meet up in Washington Crossing. Great to see some old friends and make some new ones. Car felt strong and ran well to/from, even in the stop and go (mostly stop) traffic through New Hope.


Was surprised that more of the NJ-area Seveners didn't show up. I'll try to make the NJMP event again soon...unfortunately it conflicts with the fencing summer nationals that I've been attending with my younger daughter for the past few years.


FYI, the car in the third pic is the lovely Series 2 owned by Karl Darby. Took first in class, deservedly.


The white car in the fourth pic is owned by John Gault (another 7-7-07 attendee).

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Just got back from LOG myself. Took my Elise instead of the 7 as I'm still waiting for my wheel bearings to arrive from Redline.


Had a great time looking at lots of pretty cars and meeting a lot of nice people who are all as crazy as us (well......maybe) There was one S4- it was sort of a robins egg blue color. Not sure who owned it.


Introduced myself to Tony who then introduced me to Elisa Artioli (the namesake of the elise!) Bob was taking lots of pictures which I'm sure he'll share. The Westfield 11 was a quite impressive build. Has a Coventry Climax engine where most have a Spridget.


Next years LOG will be at Barber Motorsports apparently during a Vintage race weekend. Early May. Involves track time at Barber as well as I think at Talledega on the banking. I'm already planning if I have no conflicts. Great place to bring the 7 to. Nobody seemed to care less whether it was a Lotus or Caterham, Birkin etc..


Definitely try to get to a LOG- well worth the trip.



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