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Save the Date - 2017 Annual East Coast Sevens HPDE and Social Event in Millville NJ

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This is a Save The Date email so you can put placeholders in your calendars.


For 2017, we will again be holding the event in the first weekend in July, generously hosted by NJMP Drivers Club. A summary follows below and a more detailed organization outline will follow in May closer to the date.


Friday June 30 - Arrive in the afternoon and set up. We anticipate having a casual outside BBQ pool party at the NJMP clubhouse.


Saturday July 1 - HPDE with Drivers Club on the Lightning Circuit. Breakfast, lunch and all refreshments included for paid up drivers and visitors. Evening dinner reception with other Drivers Club members at the home of NJMP track founder and all around good guy, Don Fauerbach.


Sunday July 2 - HPDE with Drivers Club on the Lightning Circuit. Breakfast, lunch and refreshments included. For those staying over we are planning a dinner at Andrea's in Millville. A very good BYO restaurant in downtown Millville serving an Italian manu. Very popular with the regular track guys at NJMP.


Monday July 3 - Option for some karting competition before heading home or I could organize a test session with NJMP for a limited number of cars in open pit lane format. People's responses will determine what we do.


We will be running the Lightning Circuit again as Thunderbolt is booked thanks to a longstanding hire arrangement. The Lightning Circuit is a fast little momentum circuit, well suited to our cars with a nice variety of corners and elevation changes and of course the bowl which is great fun to play with. This can be a frustrating track if you are out there with the bigger road cars like Corvettes, Mustangs or Porkers as they heavily brake in 2 areas of the track where a seven can sail through. However, we don't have to worry about that as having a sevens only run group means even the slowest CrossFlow is very quick through every corner and there are plenty of passing opportunities. Despite the HP disparity the past HPDE events flowed really well - so much so it really did not feel like there were many people out on track at all. All marques of sevens are welcomed to attend - Lotus 7, Caterham, Birkin, Locost, Brunton Stalker, S1, Westfield, Mallock, etc.


We will again set up a private registration page on Motorsportreg.com for signing up and paying for the Saturday dinner, visitors, etc., but don't expect this until around May this year.


NJMP does insist on vetting driver capabilities as this is an event they organize and are responsible for. They have a strong belief in safety which is to be commended. Drivers who have previously driven with this event will be evaluated based on their past performance. Drivers who are new to the event will be required to submit a driving resume for evaluation.


This will be a sevens only HPDE run group session. To make it this way we have to compromise run group rules. It will be with passing only on straights with a point by. No passing in corners or braking zones. No passengers on track other than for Drivers Club or nationally accredited instructors. Usual safety gear rules apply - in date helmets, long pants, closed toe shoes, arm restraints, in date belts, head below roll bar level, car freshly serviced, etc. This is not a race - it is a HPDE event. Those wanting to come here and set lap records should find another event as the aim is to enjoy the dynamic abilities of our sevens in a safe environment. Full safety gear requirements will follow in a later update.


Like last year we will have access to some instructors who are present as part of the day. Many of these instructors have driven and been passengers in sevens and know our cars well. They are very experienced and even if they do not accompany you out on track they will spend the time talking best lines on the track map in the pit building - definitely worth it for that.


NJMP is located in Millville, in southern NJ, about an hour east of Philadelphia and 2.5 hours south of New York City. It is easily reached off I-95. There are a variety of accommodation options available. NJMP has pit suites (comfortable motel units on the NJMP property) or luxury villa accommodation over on the Thunderbolt circuit. Millville has a lot of hotel options - Fairfield Inn (most people think this is the best), Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Quality Inn, Hampton Inn, Ramada, etc.


This is not just a driving event but also a social event. Last year we had quite a few spouses present and enjoying the atmosphere and the evenings. We would love to welcome them back. There are a number of options to explore off-track if watching cars is not exciting during the day. The beach is a short drive from Millville. Cape Elizabeth down the Jersey Shore is well worth a visit. Atlantic City is 45 minutes drive away. There are a number of local wineries in the area offering tastings. The NJMP Clubhouse has a tennis court and swimming pool with full change room facilities


Costs are not yet finalized but will be similar to last year based on current estimates (say $200 per day for HPDE, $40pp for Saturday night dinner/drinks inclusive, $30pp for day visitors to cover insurance, food, refreshments and the possibility of accompanying an instructor on track in a seven subject to availability).


Tom and I look forward to seeing regular visitors again and welcoming new visitors.



Some photos from last year to get you in the mood!









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Mike & Tom,


Thanks again for organizing the event. I will be there. I move into a new garage in February and will be beavering away on my car to have it ready for July.

I recommend this event to anyone who is on the fence. Those who attended before will no doubt be keen on coming again. If you do not have a car, spectators are welcome. I watched last year as my car was trashed (although I felt like a eunoch in a whorehouse!!). The comradarie is great and Tom and Mike took me out for a few laps. The Saturday night dinner is as great for its food as it is for its location.


Happy Christmas to all and I look forward to seeing old friends in July.



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This event started out seven years ago with seven of us just wanting to run with other 7s. Each year we picked up a few more and eventually got enough participation to have our own run group of just 7s. Last year we had 20 cars on track together. This year I expect that we will exceed that number. It has become more than just a track day event with the dinners, Karting and the camaraderie. Those of you that just want to come and hang out with other 7s are more than welcome to join us. We are a friendly group and there is always someone to help you with your car if needed.


Mike, Simon, Jeff and Michael D and I are instructors and can take passengers out with us to give you a taste of the on track experience. You have six months to clear your calendars, do your upgrades or finish your build and polish your car. Get R done!!!


Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year to all 7 lovers.



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I can't wait! Thx Croc and Tom for what is an event that really has no peer, at least in the stateside se7ens world. The course is exciting but not overly complex and the facility is world class. The fun begins as soon as you arrive at the paddock and ends at the "awards" night 2-3 days later. Tom and Croc are the consummate hosts and do everything they can to see that everyone is included and has a great time. It's worth buying a se7en just to participate:).

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It's worth buying a se7en just to participate:).

:iagree: but as mike pointed out no purchase necessary to attend. Be forewarned there is a high risk for purchasing a se7en after one lap with Mike or Tom.

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Lol. That's so true. Perhaps we should have a few brand new Cats ready to go and for sale at the track that day. Perhaps even a 620r ? What the heck, I may just buy myself a second cat I like it so much. (But don't tell my wife and the 401k)

Can't wait for The event and as always thanks Mike and Tom for being such good hosts. Now working on winter preps ... roller barrels, slick tires, a few cosmetic touch ups. Need to shine if not in lap times, at least in style!

Happy holidays all.

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Here is today's question Tom: Would you rather follow me around on the track OR be followed by me (if you know what I mean:))?

Croc: In my defense I'd like to point out that I have never gone off in the bowl (the other 8 or so turns, well....). And remember, some of those alleged "offs" were a deliberate part of my driving "strategy"-see Tom's post above:):).

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Here is today's question Tom: Would you rather follow me around on the track OR be followed by me (if you know what I mean:))?

Croc: In my defense I'd like to point out that I have never gone off in the bowl (the other 8 or so turns, well....). And remember, some of those alleged "offs" were a deliberate part of my driving "strategy"-see Tom's post above.


Mike is referring to his track nickname, "The Blue Enema" :driving: A name he earned in one of our first get togethers, when there were other marques out their on track with us. Some of which were a bit hesitant to give our little cars a point by. So Mike would make his presence known by putting his nosecone right up their Axx.


So to his point, I'd much rather follow him, although, doing so will require you to either wear tear offs or have a spare helmet shield as he does tend to kick up a lot of stones, dirt and other debris with his "typical lines" :jester: Even with it snowing here today, I'm finding myself smiling at the thoughts of getting on track again with all of you guys.



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As someone who went last year as a non-owner I highly recommend the event if you are thinking of purchasing a seven. You will see more sevens than you have seen in your life and you will see many of the different manufacturers. I was able to talk with numerous owners who were all enthusiastic and able to provide insights into the various Caterham's, Birkin's, Westfield's etc. And as noted I was able to get a fantastic (and for me queasy inducing:ack:) ride with Croc in a very fast seven.


Last year I was a spectator but I am now an owner and plan to participate:driving:.



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After a street ride in Seb's R400, as well as track rides generously offered by Mike, Tom and Simon, I was reminded of the go kart I built when I was 10, but for extra horsepower. Caterham tells me my SV 360R's parts will be gathered in late March, so the build will begin sometime after that. Look forward to joining the gathering this summer, despite the fact that the Cat's not likely going to be complete by then.

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I think my wife and I will tow the 620R to the event... and we are excited to join the group! After a few track days last year and finally sorting out 6th gear, a throttle body recall and my alternator dying at NCM hopefully it will stand up well. I'm taking it to Barber next month so we'll see how that goes.


Who should we email with our driving resume?

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My orange car goes into the shop tomorrow for it's pre season check, and looking at the calendar we are now just Five months away from the start of the 7th annual 7s gathering and track day weekend.


I'll start the list of those that are planning on attending this year. Feel free to chime in if you are thinking of or planning to attend either as a driver or a spectator and I will add you to the list. Last year we had 20 cars and this year we feel that 24 or more could easily be in attendance if some get their act together and finish their cars. The more the merrier.



1) Croc




5)Black Hole








13)BirkinDave H




1)Blake J

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