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2000 Caterham DeDion For Sale

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2000 Caterham DeDion

Currently the car is registered in Maryland as assembled vehicle.

Photos taken June 2017


Shown with Full Cage (Yes, it is removable) as I do drive this on highways in Maryland & Virginia and Washington DC.










Technical Features Include:


Jaguar Racing Green with Red Leather Seats, Dash & Sidewalls.


FIA Rollbar & Strut


5PT Schroth Harnesses


Stock Seatbelts not attached


Full, Heated Windshield


Six inch Short Windscreen


Full Top, Doors & Tonneau Cover

Custom, "Seven" Car Cover


Five Prisoner Wheels with Toyo 888s


216 HP Zetec by QuickSilver Racengines in Frederick, MD


Heavy Duty Aluminum Radiator


Pectel ECU with Mapping CD and Laptop

T9-5 Speed Transmission, Refreshed 1/17


Light Flywheel & HD ACT Clutch, New 9/16


Quaife LSD

Front Wide Track & Anti-Sway Bar


Front and Rear Brake Rotors and Pads, New 1/17

Rear Watts & Adjustable Anti-Sway Bar


Caterham Race Shocks & Springs

Adjustable Spring Perches



Price $32,900




PM MichaelD





Also For Sale:

T9-5 Speed Trans with standard ratios


Brookland Screens with Bonnet Bar

2 Caterham Can Type Mufflers

(1 with Cat Converter, 1 without cat converter)

Brand New, JRG, Front Clamshell Wings

4 - 13 x 10 Kodiak Wheels

4 - CR 500 Wheels by Mike Barnby

(2 - 13 x 9 and 2 - 13 x 7 with 2 - 9" expansion rims)

Removable, Full Wrap Rollcageby Piper Motorsports in Leesburg, VA

PM MichaelD




ALUMA Trailer For Sale




Aluma Custom "Seven" Trailer 750 Lbs.

I tow with a BMW X3 and Average 16 to 18 mpg - depending on the extra tires.




Photos going to 7th Annual 7s event at NJMP 7/2/17





Overall length 192 inches Bed length 156 inches

Overall width 85 inches Bed width 70 inches

1 - Torshen Axle to Provide 13 – 14 inch Ride Height

13 x 175 tires on Aluminum wheels

1 - Spare Tire Mounted on Front

2 - Detachable Ramps 18 " x 6.5 ' ea., Stowed Under Trailer

2 - Retractable Rear Support Stands

1 - Wheeled Jack Stand

Full DOT Lighting

4 - Tie Downs


2 - Wheel Stops 8 " Wide


4 - Extra Fenders


8 Tie Down Straps

2 - Lockable, Tire Stands - Each Stand Can Hold 4 tires


Lockable Pelican Gear Box 14x 24 x 20


Additional Photos


PM MichaelD
















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GLWS! I can confirm that this is a very fast and very nice Cat. And newbies should know that the red rectangles on the front clams are air vets to help minimize any lift possible at higher speeds.

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Sorry to hear you sold it. Anytime I talk to anyone at Summit Point about a Caterham I get- Hey do you know some guy named Michael with a green one??


Hope your out there with something else to play with.


Jim A.

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Thanks guys. Even when the new owner came over to drop off the check he asked Where the heck do I find a place to park? They have NO PARKING signs in front of your house!*?>

I need to get down to 2 cars and one must have a back seat for the grandchildren ;-) So I am looking for a car with a back seat that will be fun and fast on the track and smooth and comfortable for long drives. Think 2008 -13 M3, a 2016 M235, a 2017 M240 or a 2015,16 335M or 2017 340 M


Anyone know much about a (don't laugh) NEW, 2016 Volvo V60-T5R 325hp / 370tq? It is really comfortable and fast in a straight line. Quiet at 70 mph. I just have not had the chance to really test the brakes and the exit ramps ;-)


You will likely be seeing my car at NJMP in the future. Maybe even Karen and Buddy with the new owners as well.

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Just bought a Golf R for daily driver. 292 HP. Haldex 4 WD. 6 speed or DSG. Back seat for kids. Check it out- sounds like it might fit your needs!


You're welcome to drive mine if you're interested. Let me know.



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You will likely be seeing my car at NJMP in the future. Maybe even Karen and Buddy with the new owners as well.


I guess that means it sold to someone local? Anyone on the forum that will pop up and introduce themselves?

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I hope to make it to NJMP for the 7 gathering. Michael has been very helpful to me getting the car and with good advice. I ran my first Autocross last weekend and that was really the first time I have been able to drive the car. Getting tags in Virginia requires a inspection from the state police and I have been concentrating on getting it ready to autocross. The car is a blast and I will have a lot of work and fun figuring out how to drive it. I was trying to drive it with the throttle, but I let a SCCA national champion autocrosser drive it and I learned a lot. Jab the brakes and steer. The car has unbelievable turn in.



first Autocross.jpg

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Congratulations CarlB on buying Michael's storied Caterham! A car with much character that was owned by a person who is also a lovable character:). We'd all enjoy seeing you (and the car!) at NJMP, if you are able to make it. Yes, the turn-in on a Caterham is fierce, almost shocking at first. As is the braking, the acceleration,the ....

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Hi Guys,

Yes! I miss my 7. But that is not why I am posting.


While reorganizing my garage I found my spare, rebuilt T-9 still boxed as it came back from Quantumechanics / John Esposito in Oxford, CT. $1,500 plus shipping.

call 301-332-7610 if interested.


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