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Croc’s new CSR Superlight

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I was very lucky to be given the opportunity to buy an exceedingly well spec’ed Caterham CSR Superlight kit from a gentleman who unfortunately was unable to carry through to completion. However, his inspired specifications gave rise to a formidable beast.





  • CSR Superlight kit
  • Cosworth Duratec CSR 260 engine package. This takes the standard 2.3L Duratec and (as I have it listed from Cosworth) uprated for the following Cosworth parts:
    • forged pistons with CR at 12:1,
    • piston rings,
    • forged connecting rod,
    • level 2 race camshaft,
    • cam friction washers,
    • race valve springs,
    • Cosworth polished cylinder head,
    • high flow fuel injectors,
    • high capacity fuel rail,
    • Modine oil cooler,
    • high flow oil pump,
    • stage 2 dry sump,
    • roller barrel throttle bodies,
    • carbon air box with foam filter,
    • new ECU with Caterham specific map,
    • carbon coil cover,
    • lightweight alternator (40 amp)
    • Engine was dyno’ed and run in by Cosworth prior to installation in the CSR.


    [*]Caterham 6 speed transmission

    [*]limited slip differential (3.62:1)

    [*]inboard front suspension

    [*]independent rear suspension

    [*]ventilated front discs and 4 pot calipers

    [*]15" Caterham motorsport wheels and Avon CR500 tires - 6.5" front and 9" rear

    [*]Quick ratio steering rack

    [*]Carbon front cycle wings

    [*]Carbon rear wings

    [*]Aero cross section front wishbones

    [*]Integrated ("curvy") dash (comes with lowered floors, Momo wheel and push button start). It also comes with column pod for self-cancelling indicators, wipers and headlights. The wipers even have an intermittent setting!!!

    [*]5 point harnesses

    [*]Track day roll bar

    [*]Paint is Titanium silver with Platinum silver stripe and noseband

    [*]Black pack (headlights, windscreen, carbon-look sills)

    [*]Brackets for quick change over of windscreen to aeroscreen

    [*]Spa carbon mirrors with convex lens

    [*]Mirrors for Sevens rear view mirror

    [*]Carbon indicator pods (with clear lens)

    [*]Battery master switch


    [*]Aero filler cap

    [*]"7" grille with mesh grille

    [*]Cool touch exhaust muffler


    [*]Roll bar mounted brake light

    [*]weather kit (sidescreens, hood, hood sticks)

    [*]SBFS half hood with double easy entry in

    [*]Aces change up lights - will be mounted on the underside of the scuttle above the tach/speedo

    [*]secret sauce kit good for an extra 10 hp

As I will be using this on the road, I also added a windscreen (carbon aeroscreen is standard on the CSR Superlight) and I dropped the carbon/alacantara Tillets and substituted them for the leather seats as they will be more comfortable for touring.


Other additions were 12 volt plug, fire extinguisher, half doors, Hella horns, and wind deflectors.


The carbon was fully covered in 3M clear bra to protect it from moisture/humidity and the inevitable white spotting. The original plan was to use clear coat to seal the carbon, however, when tested on the canards the porous carbon was found to create a noticeable dimpling effect on the surface. Multiple coats seemed to be better but still was noticeable. The clear coat was still used on the underside as a sealant as the dimpling will never be seen there. Clear bra was also put on the usual spots where stone chipping occurs (e.g. nosecone).


For assembly I had Ben and Jon at Caterham USA put it together as I have too many other things going on to devote time to it.


Opening the Box – 10/31/2010






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Delivery Day – 4/1/2011


This was entertaining. I get to the workshop and get in the car and find I cannot push the clutch pedal down as my foot is too wide – WTF. A deeper investigation with Jon and later Ben, showed that Caterham UK had installed 2 clutch pedals so both were so tight that there was no way I was ever going to be able to drive with a clutch. In trying to replace the pedal we discovered a bit of bodge job had been done with a cotter pin by the UK so that led to some puzzlement. Also had to cinch up a bleed nipple as we had a leak. Then it was off for a test drive. Being new the clutch was being finicky and the brakes were soft as anything as they had not yet bed in.











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So what is it like?


OMG!!!!! Now I know what Warp 9 on Star Trek’s USS Enterprise feels like. There is a somewhat deep menacing idle, very nice and tractable at low revs. However, when you hit 3000rpm then the thing just takes off and there is a wave of power and torque all the way through to 7000rpm.


The suspension is very well designed and clearly a generation ahead of my Zetec Roadsport SV. Very smooth and controlled, bumps do not shake it off line. It feels like a much bigger car. The CR500’s were impressive – sticky enough that I can now start a gravel mining business from the cockpit of the CSR SL. I was taking it fairly easy as the brakes were still bedding in.


Given it is new, the 6 speed box is very notchy and reverse can be difficult to find. I am still making mistakes with the box as I am used to the T9 with wider gate spacing, whereas the Caterham 6 speeder is quite tightly spaced on its gates. On the way to Skip’s house I was alongside Bob Simon at the lights and thought I would try a 0-60 run away from the lights (it was a 60mph zone just for the record). Blindingly quick in first and second gears then muppet-me made an appearance and changed into 5th gear. Almost as good as the gear change I did at Silverstone last year going from 5th to 2nd.


The cockpit feel is very much like a regular car – especially with the car-like steering column wands for indicator, headlights and wipers. It will be a warm place in winter as the tubes on the dash and transmission tunnel warm up with running. It is harder to get into than my Zetec SV as the wheel is placed closer to your body and is non-detachable. Also the extra chassis cross bracing makes it difficult to find the right spot to put your feet when getting in.


Compared to the other sevens I have driven, this thing is a generation ahead in abilities. I am so looking forward to getting it on my home roads.

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What size front/rear tires? Can you get wheelspin just w/accelerator? Photos are not available, tho I saw a few that Skip posted. Wow! Are you driving it home? Is it sorted or is more tinkering needed?


Mike M

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Hi Mike


Pic links are now fixed - Photobucket was doing a Bessie on me!


Link to the Colorado blat are on the Mountain forum section at:



Some more tinkering is needed. I have a list of items that need a little work. Nothing too major though - air leak in the exhaust, check brakes, oil level/change, missing popper, horn not worky, etc. For a seven it is perfect!


I had it out at 5am this morning and did the same canyon drive as yesterday in the dark! Probably not advisable....however it is understandable :jester:


I will ship it back east. Unfortunately I cannot spare the time off work.


Front and rear tire spec is in post 1 of this thread. I will post weight once I remember to write in down instead of trusting my memory!

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Question on the hella horn placement having one pointing towards the driver. I find my hella horns to be fairly directional. Its hurts when your in front of them but not so bad angled off of them.

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congrats. awesome insight.


Question on the hella horn placement having one pointing towards the driver. I find my hella horns to be fairly directional. Its hurts when your in front of them but not so bad angled off of them.


I noticed that immediately. A supertone is not something u want self inflicted.

where's the aeroscreen?

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Question on the hella horn placement having one pointing towards the driver. I find my hella horns to be fairly directional. Its hurts when your in front of them but not so bad angled off of them.



Thanks for the pointer. I had noticed it myself - primarily when I went to test the horn and nothing happened! First priority is to get them to work with the horn button on the steering wheel. Second step will be to reverse the mounts - I think I have clearance between the shocks and chassis to just flip them around. If not I am pretty confident I can find another solution.


If the Supertones do not want to work I can always follow Skip's lead on his Miata and mount freight train air horns! My hearing is still recovering from that little demo on Saturday! :D

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hey mike..congrats..car looks great..i am excited for you and excited for me because they will be starting mine..best of luck..ron k


Hi Ron - Just sent you a pic link to your car - you can decide if you want to post it on USA7s or not. Its out of the box, up on stands and by Sunday 1pm the front suspension was done. So they are off and running!

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