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New guy. Here is my Cat

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For those curious, this is what the key is supposed to look like for the key fob






From everything I looked into the ONLY way to get it is with a new key cylinder. Doesn't come as a blank, nor does it come from a third party. I believe those might be made in house. 




As far as blanks for regular keys this is what I have



Interchange Part Number:

LF10P, 1006LPS21, P029, AA-3P, LF17-RH, LF19RP45, LF17P, AA3P, UP246, LW37P, PLF20, X157





Fits the following

Land Rover: 109 (1984-1987), 110 (1984-1991), 88 (1984-1987), 90 (1985-1991), Santana (1985-1987)

Lotus: Esprit Coupe (1991-1994)

Maserati: Biturbo (1981-1985), Biturbo 244 (1986-1994), Biturbo 4.18-4.24 (1986-1994), Ghibli (1986-1994), Karif (1986-1994), Quattroporte (1976-1986), Shamal (1986-1994), Spider (1986-1994)

Rover: 2000, 2200, 2300, 2400 (1982-1985), 2000, 2200, 2300, 2600, 3500 (1976-1981), 2600, 3500 (1982-1985)







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It's a wrap!


Took far longer than expected and was quite a PITA but many hours later it's done. 


My one advice is if you ever plan on doing this is do it with engine out or have the header off if possible. 


All my runners are individual runners and even though I started to try to take them off I remembered it would actually be more work in the end for me to proceed with taking them off. 


Happy in the end. A LOT better than the old job that was falling apart and had had foil as I guess part of design. 



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Rebuilt ITBs are finally back



Pretty much entirely rebuilt except face plate, venturi stacks and my IAC rail. New double springs throttle return, new FPR and all new components and actual manifold. 


Will hopefully tidy everything up next week and get to test it. 






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