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The 7's video thread


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Interesting feedback to buying a Locost and taking a trip out in it


A few fun mechanical failures to start


I Bought a used Lotus/Caterham (Replica) 7 episode 1



I Bought a lotus 7 Replica episode 2.



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Ferrari Monza vs McLaren Elva vs Aston Martin Speedster – £3.6m, 2,300bhp mega test | Top Gear


Caterham at the very end being mildy compared to multi million dollar speedsters




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Donkervoort D8 GTO-RS: Reassuringly Hardcore - Carfection



Donkervoort D8 GTO: The Lotus Seven you always wanted - XCAR



Dutch Fury: Meet The Makers Of Holland's Most Extreme Cars - Carfection




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2:30 into the clip


Throttle response on the F1 is so good, that it feels like a Caterham.


That's some high level praise when one of the all time greatest supercars gets compared to a 7



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23 minutes ago, JohnCh said:

Hmm an (apparently) organized speed event with no helmet requirement.  Must be a country with very few attorneys.




And I thought we were supposed to be the "free" ones


American Reaction GIF by MOODMAN



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