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Can register in California - YAY!


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At the bottom of the sticker it reads:  "COMMENTS: SB100 Seq# 2021-111inspection body"


That statement on there has me thinking you should have no issue, as the proper no smog path in California is

1) SB100, with

2) body inspection (as opposed to engine inspection)

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Any recommendations for a Southern California DMV office to initiate the SPCNS/SB100 process?

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In 2010 when I lived in Encinitas I deliberately went to the San Clemente office because it was rumored to be associated with State Senator Johannesen, a Lotus Seven owner (https://www.semasan.com/driving-force/november-2001, who was the driving force behind SB100.  Sure enough, they knew exactly what to do without looking anything up.  Whether any of that is meaningful 11 years later is anybody's guess but I would expect the chances are good.

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My car was assembled in 1983 and registered as such in California.  I went to the DMV in Pasadena.  A friend had given them a heads up that I was seeking an SB100 Sequence Number.  They did not have a clue.  The boss brought out a huge dust covered book that looked like it came from a Harry Potter movie.  After about an hour of page turning and head shaking they figured it out and we completed the application.   They were bewildered but at least worked to figure it out.  I got the Sequence Number about a week later and the BAR inspector issued a new sticker.  Mine indicates a 1960 engine and SPCNS.  The registration papers indicate that it is exempt from smog inspections.

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