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  1. I enjoyed that. Pre-cage. Damn, where are my arm restraints?
  2. I wonder how many “American SLRs” were built. We got all the good bits. Honestly, the Zetec 2.0 works really well in this car. The 6-speed gearbox has more than 20k track miles. I’m sounding like Autoweek…
  3. That's my car! Built by Caterham USA in Colorado as a demo unit for the press. I purchased it as second owner in 2006 and owned it ever since. I think I paid $24K back then. Best car I've owned. I still have the magnesium wheels. It came with the Seven America Superlight R plaque (still attached) Then and today
  4. Wow! Just very sad - such a nice guy. RIP Scott. My prayers are with family.
  5. A couple things: 1. My track calendar shows Lightning on Saturday the 29th and Thunderbolt on Sunday the 30th 2. NJMP may require arm restraints for both driver and passenger. It would be wise to bring a set.
  6. Finally logging in to this site... A few thoughts: 1. Spa is a magnificent track with a layout that just flows from one turn to the next. Nice long straights with time to check the gauges and relax my breathing. 2. The Ginetta is a great handling car, but way down on power (138 hp). At 1850 lbs, it is very much a momentum car. I think it was the photographer that put the second Ginetta into the wall at Campus. Sudden lift or sudden power will spin it (no I didn't spin) 3. There are some really fast Caterhams, even in the rain. 4. I think I did more laps the second day in the rain. Best way to learn how to drive in the rain is to drive in the rain. 5. Bookatrack runs a really good event. None of this is cheap, but arrive and drive with an open track format at Spa Francorchamps...well, I have some really great memories. If you want to drive in Europe, they are a good choice. 6. The town of Spa has a really great spa, but that's another story. 7. That's a funny pic of me sitting with Mike on the first session of the day. I was really excited, but certainly not scared. Croc is a very good driver and he knows the track. 8. Finally, many thanks to Croc for all his help in setting up and guiding us through the trip.
  7. It breaks my heart to read such sad news. I don't know you Dean, but my heart and prayers go out to you.
  8. I had a blast. What a unique experience to be on track with nothing but Sevens. By now you've read about my front hubs. I couldn't be more thankful to Tom for donating (hahaha) his spares, to Terry (TJ's dad) for driving 3 hours and then rummaging through Tom's garage to find them, and TJ and Ian (whom I think many Sevens owners came to know) for putting it all back together in time for me to do the last session on Saturday. Everyone in the paddock heard the cheer go up when Ian brought the car past our tent. Sevens owners are a different breed, but certainly the best kind. It was a real pleasure to spend this weekend with you. Sevens - There are no Substitutes™ Tom and Croc: thank you again for a great event. Despite all the mechanical issues, this year was a spectacular success.
  9. One more thing to check: the coil pack. Sounds similar to a problem I had last year and it's a cheap replacement
  10. Just a quick comment - Traqmate allows you to break the track into segments and look at the data associated with each segment. What might be of interest are segment time, entry speed, g-forces, exit speed and the ability to zoom so you can see the effect of the line you take in each corner on each lap. It's a great learning tool if you want to spend the time to analyze your sessions. I would imagine AIM does the same, but I've never used their software - Croc can confirm.
  11. It's so great to see all these photos - I get a chance to relive that fun weekend. It just doesn't happen often enough! Thanks to Tom and Croc - each year keeps getting better.
  12. Get Well Shane...hope you and the car recover quickly.
  13. I guess I have not been attentive to this site, because I am late to answer. I am definitely in for all days. If you need help with anything Croc, let me know.
  14. I don't know what 125 mph feels like. :driving: "I'm giving it all she's got Captain"
  15. I might be in if we can get a caravan going down there. 14 hour drive from where I live. Barber is a fun track - I've driven it in a Caterham and a Seven is right at home once you learn the lines. There is also a museum there that can add to experience. That said, I'm not sure putting people of different skills and track experience on this track at the same time is a good idea. It is a more technical track than Thunderbolt or Lightning. I'm guessing most HPDEs will require an instructor in the car for novices and first-timers and will need to sign off before allowing the driver to go solo. This was Chin's policy, which BTW is a really good idea. An instructor is the best way to learn the track. Road Atlanta is an awesome track too. Very challenging with much nicer accommodations (Chateau Elan!)
  16. I run a cage, arm restraints and a Hans. A window net is an alternative except there is no window... I don't intend to sound flippant, but the reality is your arms could go any number of directions and a net in the window area only limits one direction. Sprint cars about the closest analogy: cage + arm restraints + Hans
  17. This is a nice build - very tidy - I like it. I'm guessing Caterham USA put this together, so maybe it is a six speed after all. I thought the R300 had a 6 speed as standard equipment.
  18. Two suggestions: (1) Consider adding some of those options if for no other reason than resale. Some of the options you are deleting are of great interest to those that like to autocross or track these cars (2) Consider tracking or autocrossing the car. This is where I get a bit opinionated...Caterhams are not meant nor suitable for US roads. IMO, driving the car on the road is more dangerous than riding a motorcycle (or bicycle). The Seven is a race-bred car, that back in the days, one could be driven to and from the track winning races along the way. Actually, you still can drive it to the track, but your life is far more at risk on the road than the track. Furthermore, the true handling characteristics of the car can not be adequately experienced on the road without putting you and others in harm's way. I know the response about back roads, but even small animals can be a hazard when you sit just a few inches off the ground. I just hate to see someone rule out the track and autocrossing without experiencing it first.
  19. How great was this weekend? I started out under the weather on Friday morning but at least rallied for the BBQ. After that it was straight out fun! I have to say, I never imagined karting could be so violent. In the past I've not spent much time on this forum, but having met so many new friends, I'll be checking in more often. Glad everyone made it home safely with no incidents - it still amazes me how far some of you guys traveled to make this event. Thank you! And finally, many thanks to Croc and Tom for an awesome event! I can't wait until next year (let me help you organize).
  20. Ooooohhhh...I like the R500 for sale. Once you go Superlight you'll never go back.
  21. I think if I were to do,it again, I would spend the extra dollars for an aluminum trailer like those offerd by Trailex. I tow a 20' X 8.5' with a Nissan Armada and it works well but I'd like less weight behind me. The beaver tail is essential for a low clearance vehicle
  22. I would love to see the Birdcage replica. Did you build it?
  23. Hmmm...his lines are better than the previous video and I agree with his minimal steering coming out of the bulb, but he cuts an unnecessary apex at turn two losing speed, doesn't use the entire exit off turn 5 (off camber blind turn) and enters the bulb early. People have a different view of how to drive the bulb, but it is highly banked and offers the opportunity for a downhill launch into the straight. I tend to enter a little late and use the turn to catapult the car to the straight. It's a critical turn to Lightning
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