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2020 Annual Sevens Event with NJMP Drivers Club – October 17/18

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Tom and Michael would like to welcome you to the 10th running of the USA7s participation in NJMP Drivers Club HPDE in Millville, NJ.


Please take the time to read all of the following information prior to registering.





As in prior years, the NJMP Drivers Club is fully responsible for operating the day. They have generously allocated HPDE sessions to participants that will be seven only. This is desirable as you do not have to be out on track with big heavy cars around you, and your momentum will not be impeded by some big heavy car slowing you down through corners.


The NJMP Drivers Club rules and regulations apply for registration, technical inspection, driver qualifications and all aspects of safety in compliance with New Jersey laws. They will offer the registration site and collect all fees for this event.


Please keep in mind that NJMP Drivers Club Member Days are not a racing event but rather a Driver Education Day. You will learn to handle and control your vehicle at high speeds as well as explore the capabilities as a driver and those of your vehicle. At no time will you be pushed or encouraged to go any faster than is comfortable for you. All participants are organized into run groups based on experience, skill, and type of vehicle.






The event schedule is as follows:


Friday, October 16, 2020

Afternoon: Arrival at NJMP. For the first time, both days are being held on the Thunderbolt circuit. The Thunderbolt circuit is being utilized on the Friday and so the pits may not be accessible until close of track operations around 5pm or so. If you arrive before 5pm then head to the karting complex where we will be holding our traditional competition starting at 3pm.


3:00pm Karting. Cancelled - no-one wanted to do it. Any early arrivals should come to my garage to hang out.

5.30-6:00pm Welcome Pool Party at the Clubhouse/Finish Line Pub. Casual wear is appropriate.


Saturday, October 17, 2020

7:30am Breakfast at the Clubhouse. Option to get grab and go box to bring back to pits

7:30am Registration and Tech inspection at the Thunderbolt pits area.

8:30am Mandatory Drivers Briefing near the control tower in the pits

9:00am Track is live

1:00pm 1 hour lunch break. Lunch is served at Clubhouse. Option for a grab and go box.

5:00pm Track is closed

6:30pm Dinner – Clubhouse/Finish Line Pub. Lighthearted awards session. Casual wear is appropriate.


Sunday, October 18, 2020

7:30am Breakfast at the Clubhouse. Option to get grab and go box to bring back to pits

7:30am Registration and Tech inspection (if not inspected prior day)

8:30am Mandatory Drivers Briefing near the control tower in the pits

9:00am Track is live

1:00pm 1-hour lunch break. Lunch is served at Clubhouse. Option for a grab and go box.

5:00pm Track is closed

Dinner - We expect most will be heading home afterwards but for those still around I am sure something informal can be sorted out.


The sessions times are subject to finalization and a schedule for that day will be handed out each daily driver briefing.






This year, online registration for drivers and their guests is via TrackRabbit.


Step 1 is to register as a user. Step 2 is to register and pay for the event using the links provided below. NJMP’s cancellation policy is outlined on the registration page. Late registration will incur a late fee. Drivers Club member have a different HPDE cost to non-members reflecting their club subscriptions paid.


Non-driving visitors are required to be registered by NJMP. If you are a driver bringing a guest, then there is space on the registration site to do this. The fee for non-driving visitors covers all refreshments during the day plus breakfast and lunch. It also provides privileges to accompany NJMP accredited/approved instructors in sevens as a passenger (subject to COVID-19 regulations applicable on the day). Passengers are required to have paid the daily visitor fee and comply with the safety requirements of drivers – helmet, arm restraints, and clothing/shoes.


If you are attending as a non-driver then we recommend you register on the day when you turn up as the registration site is not designed for guest only attendance.


The following links should be used to sign up for each day individually. They may not be visible until you have registered on the TrackRabbit site as a user.


Saturday Registration Link:




Sunday Registration Link:




Please register in the white group and identify your car as a seven. That way we can sort you. If you need to be switched into green group then we can do it on the day.



Due to Covid-19 we are restricted to 15 guest cars this year in addition to the 6 NJMP Drivers Club Members. Please do not leave it to the last minute to register.

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Event Requirements



Safety: All safety requirements that are mandatory for all participants are specified in New Jersey Law – Chapter 62 here:



Please read the section on HPDE as it will specify all safety and tech requirements you are subject to.


Driver’s License: All drivers must have a valid Driver’s License and be at least 18 years of age to participate. You will be asked to present your Driver’s License at NJMP.


Attire: NJ State Law requires all participants on the track wear long pants and closed toe shoes. No one in shorts will be permitted to enter the racetrack or pit lane. Driver overalls are acceptable.



COVID-19 Requirements



NJMP has implemented COVID-19 procedures in accordance with NJ State Government guidance to ensure your safety. These are:


· Mandatory wearing of masks

· Indoor dining at 25% of capacity. Clubhouse dining is also outside by the pool under an open air tent. If the table set up is not to your preferred distancing then there are additional seating options around the pool for you to choose from although we recommend you bring some warm gear for that option. Also, breakfast and lunch have a grab and go box option to take your food back to the pits for extended social distancing.

· Outdoor drivers briefing

· Staff usage of Personal Protection Equipment

· Encourage socially distant interactions with others


From recent events, our observation is that the new protocols for achieving a safer Drivers Club event have been working well and we have been enjoying quality event days.


There will be a modest amount of PPE available (masks, antiseptic wipes, sanitizer) for those who have run out or forgot to bring any.



If you are travelling from another state, then the NJ Government COVID-19 information hub will answer all questions you are likely to have.



Some states are listed as requiring a quarantine period but that has eased up in recent weeks. The website also notes that “self-quarantine is voluntary”.



Technical Inspection/Rules & Regulations



You will be required to complete a tech inspection prior to the event. During the registration process, a link is provided to the tech inspection form. Please download, print and complete ahead of the event – bring the completed form with your car to the tech inspection.


Please read the HPDE section of New Jersey Law Chapter 62 here:



Some essential criteria for being able to participate in an HPDE at NJMP:

· Helmet required: A Snell M or SA rated full face helmet dated 2010 or newer is required for all drivers and passengers on the track. Open face helmets are not permitted in sevens. Rental helmets are available with prior arrangement through the NJMP General Store.

· Arm restraints: NJMP requires these as mandatory safety equipment.

· Open top cars: Must have approved rollover protection. No pop up rollbars or detachable hard tops. Chapter 62 makes no mention of requiring a cage or an FIA/SFI labelled roll bar.

· Broomstick rule is applicable for roll over protection. Broomstick is from top of roll bar to front chassis tube (at nosecone) as the windscreen is not viewed as structural.

· Belts: Only 5 or 6 point belts are acceptable. Belt age must be on a label on the belts. No label – no driving. SFI belts must be 2 years or newer. FIA belts must be within 5 years or newer. No 4-point belts allowed. No DOT 3-point belts are accepted in open cars like ours.

· Numbers: Painters tape or vinyl sticker numbers on both sides of your seven are acceptable. Please don’t pick “7” as everyone does that and you will be asked to change it.

· Tires: Please anticipate tire wear and do not turn up with marginal tire tread. Consider that the track may be damp in which case slick tires are unsafe. If you are close to wearing out a set of tires, then consider ordering and bringing a new spare set. TK Autosports can mount these on your wheels at the Thunderbolt pits for a small fee.




Other Matters



Getting to NJMP: The GPS address of NJMP is 8000 Dividing Creek Road, Millville, NJ 08332. When driving to NJMP it is strongly recommended that you exit off Rt55 at Exit 24 as this route option avoids trailers having to make a sharp right turn in downtown Millville. While the signposts on Rt55 say you should use Exit 27 to access NJMP, we do not recommend this option because of the difficulty you will have making the turn.


Participants, including Drivers Club Members and their guests, are responsible for any damage to NJMP property including on track and off track. This includes damage to the Armco and tire wall barriers should you hit them (please don’t!) or for the white powder to soak up oil and coolant spills on track.


A layout map of the NJMP property is provided below:







Fuel: NJMP houses fuel stations at the Thunderbolt and Lightning pits. The stations are open from 8:30am to 3:30pm. The fuel station at Thunderbolt pits offers 93 & 100 octane (unleaded) and 110 & 112 octane (leaded). The fuel stations are permitted to fill containers in 5-gallon red fuel contains, as per NJ state law. Larger fuel containers of 10 gallons or more (any color) are permitted to be used as long as they are marked appropriately (stickers or writing on the container reading “FUEL”).


General Store: NJMP has a convenient General Store open during Drivers Club days. Located at the back of the Thunderbolt pits, it sells refreshments, ice, driving equipment (helmets, boots, driving suits, gloves, etc.), oils, some tools, safety gear and other related items. It also does rental helmets should they be required (Please check ahead of time due to possible Covid-19 restrictions).


Spares: Consider what may or is likely to break on your cars and consider bringing some select spares of known frequent failure items that will keep you mobile during the weekend. Prior events have shown a need for bearings, throttle and clutch cables, TPS, brake pads/fluid, duct tape, silicone tape, Hylomar (for making fuel seals). Millville does have a Napa Parts outlet and Advance Auto but beyond this, specialist parts suppliers do not exist.


Pit Set Up Location: We normally set up in the big barn-like garage in the center of the Thunderbolt pits. There are also garages underneath the Pit Suites complex. You are entitled to use of a garage during the daylight hours of the event. You can also choose to set up on the pits outside if you prefer a more isolated setting. Overnight garage rental is available plus there is some storage space at Garage 367 of Exotic Car Garages on the Thunderbolt pits access road, in prior years we have had as many as 12 sevens in there plus a selection of my automotive money pits.


Seating: We strongly encourage you to bring a folding chair or other seating as there is no seating in the pits provided by NJMP.


Accommodation: There are a lot of preferred options available.

· NJMP has pit suites at Thunderbolt and Villa rental options available here: https://njmp.com/accommodations/

· In Millville there is a Fairfield Inn and Holiday Inn Express

· In Vineland about 10 miles away there is a Hampton Inn or Wingate by Wyndham


Camping is available at NJMP by permit along with power hook ups for RVs with a fee. Showers and bathrooms are at the Officers Club at the back of the Thunderbolt pits.



Mechanics: TK Autosport has been our trusty mechanic of last resort when our cars have broken/melted/fallen apart. TJ (the little one) and Ian (the big one) are a fantastic resource during Drivers Club event days, usually saving the day when it has all gone south. Their rates are very reasonable given their experience. While they do frequently save the day, they are not miracle workers, so you are encouraged to take your preparation seriously. If you need help preparing your car in advance of the event, then TK Autosports can be reached at (888) 978-5506. They are located at Millville Airport, adjoining the NJMP site. They also have a tire shop located in the Thunderbolt pits.




Contact: NJMP can be reached at (856) 327-8000. After hours the main switchboard will not be answered. In this event, you should call the Main Gate security office on (856) 327-7255.


Questions: Should you have event related questions, then you can post them via USA7s (either PM or on the event thread) or by email to sevensarefun AT gmail DOT com.

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[h=2]Driving Format[/h]

As we are participating in an NJMP Drivers Club event, we follow their practices for on-track behavior. We will have a series of exclusive sevens-only sessions.


Passing will be by invitation on. That is, a passing car will need to receive a point-by from the car being passed. No point-by, then no passing. It is courteous for drivers to monitor their rear vision mirrors and let cars past promptly. Passing zones are defined at the straights. You will be briefed on these at the Drivers Briefing or please ask and we can walk you through the track map.


Passing in the turns is not acceptable. No passing in braking zones. Given sevens have such remarkable cornering and braking skills it is not expected that passing cars will be held up for any length of time if drivers of slower cars monitor mirrors and point-by promptly. These rules are intended for your safety and if followed should prevent car-to-car contact.


In the past we have had no traffic issues or people being held up on track. I put that down to good drivers participating and our remarkable little cars.


If you are new to driving on track, then we encourage you to participate in the “Green Run” group. This is progressive paced laps and includes classroom sessions to help you understand the best techniques for driving on a circuit. It introduces the concepts progressively in a way to maintain the safety of you and your car plus facilitates your learning of core driving skills.


A number of NJMP Drivers Club members who will be participating in the event have done substantial time on this track over the last 10 years and we can coach you on specific lines and driving approaches to get the best from your car on this circuit.


[h=2]Driving the Thunderbolt Circuit[/h]

This circuit is technical in nature. The first half of the circuit is fast, long straights, fast sweepers, where the key is to carry as much speed as possible. The second half of the circuit is tight, technical and quite slow in average speed. This part contains the Jersey Devil section, comprised of the most radical decreasing radius corner of any racetrack in North America, then a heavily off camber slow left corner which rewards experimenting with different entry points, apex points and exit lines.








For an instructional look at the circuit, below is a 360-degree video. For those who have not used one before then:


1) Click through this video into YouTube itself.

2) Play the video

3) move the camera around by (a) the arrows top left, or (b) clicking your mouse on the video playing and dragging to look behind, up, sides or down


If you move the camera to point down slightly you will see I overlaid a track map on the passenger seat below the speed. You may have to move the view slightly right to read the various captions anyway as the YouTube screen size is narrower than my video edit app. Sorry no sound as this camera does not have an external mic.



0:00 Leaving the pits - where to line up to await going out on circuit

0:23 Pit lane and the turn onto the circuit

0:40 Leaving the pits and the blend line you should follow merging onto track

0:52 For the next two warm up laps I have added text commentary on some of the more tricky corners and what you should not do.

5:35 Some clean laps at a good moderate pace. There was too much traffic to be really quick, but this will show the various lines. I deliberately tried lots of different lines in the Devil to show you what happens - the speed is relatively low. Experimentation will teach you a lot about your car in this corner. Just watch the entry speed on the decreasing radius right hand corner on entry into the Devil - it will catch you out first time.

10:38 I lap a Stalker.

19:19 I follow Tom so you can see the track lines from a different perspective.

23:50 Returning to the pits and back of pits




For those that have never participated in this event then two videos of the event by Glen S, a USA7s member, Lotus Enthusiast and all-round good guy, will help you appreciate it.







This is above all a social event. We do it to enjoy our sevens’ unique handling and performance capabilities in a facility that allows safety compared with doing the same on road (which would be illegal too). There will be no racing or timing of events. We want the atmosphere to be relaxed and social, above all, enjoying our cars as they were designed to be used, in a mutually respectful and safe manner.


We look forward to meeting you at the 2020 event!

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Hi Paul - Select white group. Make sure your car is described as a seven and we can sort you. TrackRabbit is not as sophisticated as the old registration site.


Hi Carl - go ahead and register we can discuss and make a change then. You can also email me and we can take it offline for discussion. We can even sort it out on the first day. Registration does not require you to document before completing registration. Usual jump from green to white groups is around 7 - 10 days experience depending on driver.

Edited by Croc
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Signed up. It hit me for a $25 late fee for Sunday only, strange.





Did it to everyone. Email sent to the coordinator to adjust TrackRabbit. You have not been charged I am told but let me know if it comes through on the credit card statement and I will get you a refund.

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Just got a message from TrackRabbit support


"it looks like the late fee start date was set to 2019, so it gave you one wrongly. I've fixed it now, it should be all good."



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Thank you for this post.


It took me a solid 15 minutes to make sure I'm not crazy and I didn't book a hotel for the wrong dates after reading everything through.


Track days reserved, Hotel is adjustment is pending.


Who do you guys go through for insurance for track day events like this?

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Sorry Vlad, the track went squirrelly on us at the last minute and sold out our long agreed event days to the Road to Indy Ladder Series. That was the real reason why you found the accommodation all sold out. So there was a lot of intense back and forth last Tuesday to come up with an alternative, once the news broke last weekend. To be honest, Tom and I thought the event was toast on Tuesday morning. Somehow we pulled it back into life with two weekend days on Thunderbolt the following weekend.


For insurance, I assume you mean insuring your car on track at an HPDE? Lockton is the most well known. They have paid out claims on some friends who had oops moments and they were good about it. There are others but I have had no dealings with them. You will have to specify the days you want covered. A two day event with contiguous days is treated as one insurance event which is helpful.

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If I'm bringing a non-driving guest (my wife), I assume I select "Member Guest Rate" ($225) for each day?


Ok - I just re-read your first post Croc. I assume "Guest application rate" is for non-NJMP members (me), and "Member guest rate" is for NJMP members (such as Croc). Correct? Very confusing terminology.

Edited by BlueBDA
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No that sounds wrong


You are guests of a member(s)


You should select you as member guest driver. Then if you “next” screen it should give you a non driving guest of a member option with a different lower price.


If your sign up is showing something different then I would just sign yourself up and then on the day of the event, register your wife and pay.


As you are not a member you never see the membership sign up options and prices. You only see the two driving guest options.

Edited by Croc
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No that sounds wrong


You are guests of a member(s)


You should select you as member guest driver. Then if you “next” screen it should give you a non driving guest of a member option with a different lower price.


If your sign up is showing something different then I would just sign yourself up and then on the day of the event, register your wife and pay.


As you are not a member you never see the membership sign up options and prices. You only see the two driving guest options.


Ok I might have selected the wrong one as well.


My +1 is just the pitcrew/nondriver guest for $50


Me I selected the top one "Guest application rate" ($350)


Wording is indeed confusing.


Are we Ok selecting the bottom one?


"Member guest rate $225"?



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You are member guests for $225 per day. Non driving guests are $50 per day.


If you did it wrong then Track Rabbit lets you go back and edit your registration and pricing. You have not been charged yet do corrections are easy at this stage.

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